What’s Up Interactive, located in Atlanta, Georgia, is a digital marketing agency offering social media outreach, creative marketing, and managed website hosting. The agency has twenty-five employees and 100 customers, including AT&T, Georgia Aquarium, Georgia Lottery, and Fox Television Stations.

What’s Up Interactive’s managed website hosting service focuses on organizations with high availability requirements. These heavily trafficked sites need to have contingency plans in place to prevent user disruption in the event of an outage. What’s Up Interactive wanted to offer its clients a new turnkey backup and disaster recovery (DR) solution to protect against such downtime—and wanted to make the solution affordable for clients and for itself. What’s Up Interactive briefly considered maintaining a separate data center to house the backup and DR. However, Keith Meade, Chief Operating Officer, says, “Setting up a secondary site with all the systems needed to deliver hot site disaster recovery for all customers was so expensive; it was unthinkable.” So, the agency set about looking for an economical option that could also provide the necessary durability.

Because What’s Up Interactive had previous experience using Amazon Web Services (AWS) for backup and recovery, it realized that it could easily implement the new website backup and full DR solution using an AWS-based infrastructure. The agency made its final decision when it learned that Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is designed to provide 99.999999999%, or 11 9’s, durability.

For added redundancy, What’s Up Interactive stores data in the AWS EU Region to mitigate a worst-case scenario in which multiple US regions suffer outages. This provides assurance for the agency and the high-availability website owners. “For the clients that we work with, it’s not something that they could easily do. With the expertise and a modest investment, they get something that’s always available,” explains Meade.

Whats Up Interactive architecture diagram

Figure 1: What's Up Interactive Architecture Diagram on AWS

What’s Up Interactive estimates that building a secondary backup and DR data center with a colocation lease would have cost the agency more than $1 million over several years, including tens of thousands in monthly operating and administration expenses. So instead of saddling its clients with steep backup and DR fees to ensure website continuity, What’s Up is providing these necessary services at a fraction of the cost by using AWS. Meade says, “We wanted to find ways to drive increasing ROI by eliminating the amount of investment required. With AWS, all of our clients can get DR solutions that are as reliable as those of the largest enterprises—affordably.”

To learn more about how AWS can help with your company's disaster recovery needs, visit out Disaster Recovery detail page: http://aws.amazon.com/disaster-recovery/.