Adopting AWS managed services … has enabled us to achieve higher gross margins while delivering mission-critical performance to our customers.
Prakash Mishra Cofounder and CTO

Wyng is a marketing-software platform that enables advertising agencies and large brands to build and run consumer-engagement and loyalty campaigns, often featuring user-generated content shared through social media.

  • Needed a cost-effective infrastructure that could support the high-volume marketing campaigns it hosts for clients. These mission-critical campaigns engage millions of consumers, create massive amounts of data, and are critical to a client’s business success. A campaign going down—even for an hour—could result in huge losses.
  • Wanted to eliminate the processing delays it was experiencing with its current infrastructure to ensure it could accommodate the tenfold spikes that could occur when a client launched a campaign.
  • Wanted its DevOps team to focus on building product instead of managing, monitoring, and scaling infrastructure.
  • Sought a way to stop the overprovisioning of server capacity; the company's servers typically ran at less than 10 percent utilization but needed to be able to support traffic spikes.
  • Needed its clients to be able to search and curate tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of social-media posts and user-generated content items.
  • Eighteen months after the company launched, Wyng moved its IT services from a collocated infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS)—a transition that took only one month to plan and execute. Since that time, it has aggressively adopted managed AWS services.
  • The company migrated from a self-managed Elasticsearch cluster to Amazon Elasticsearch Service (Amazon ES) to ingest campaign-related data from social media and enable Wyng’s clients to search campaign data in real time.
  • Wyng uses AWS Lambda to process the ingested data and populate it in Amazon ES, and Amazon Aurora to store historical campaign data.
  • Delivers mission-critical client campaigns. “Adopting AWS managed services such as Amazon Elasticsearch Service, Amazon Aurora, and AWS Lambda has enabled us to achieve higher gross margins while delivering mission-critical performance to our customers,” says Prakash Mishra, cofounder and chief technology officer of Wyng.
  • Achieves on-demand scalability with AWS Lambda, ensuring high utilization and eliminating processing delays of up to 20 minutes.
  • Gains bandwidth to focus on product development so the firm no longer needs to build in-house expertise in managing servers, databases, and Elasticsearch clusters.
  • Reduces AWS costs by 40 percent by using managed services that elastically match compute resources to demand.
  • Empowers Wyng customers to search across hundreds of thousands of user-generated videos, images, and posts in near-real time.

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