Real-time Data Migration for Analytics

Move data from on-premise to AWS Cloud in real-time and build a data platform for analytics

The number of data sources in a customer environment are many. This could be coming from thousands of IoT devices that generate data frequently, or from several applications for which daily data changes are significant. The data is consolidated onto a server that is residing on-premises with huge volumes of data being written frequently.

With data volume growing at a fast rate, deriving insights from the data in real-time is critical for business. There is a need to manage the growing data with adequate resources that can scale on demand. Customers need the ability to perform real-time analytics on the data to gain insights and make business decisions.

Agilisium's solution offers to build a data platform that helps migrate the data from on-premises to AWS Cloud in real-time, thereby making it ready for downstream analytics. With Agilisium's consulting offer, does a detailed assessment of your existing environment and implement the right fit solution that is reliable, scalable, secure, well-architected, and cost efficient.


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Canada, United States


AWS Expertise

Agilisium's consultants and subject matter experts have proven expertise in data and analytics.

Custom solution design
The solution will be tailored to meet your specific needs after understanding your requirements
Cloud-native services
This solution makes use of cloud native services thereby offering a performant and efficient platform
Microservices & Serverless
Use of microservices and Serverless based architecture where applicable
  • How it works
  • Agilisium consultants will work with you to understand your business needs. The engagement will start with a discovery phase where Agilisium understands in detail your existing environment. The solution architecture components are defined after having evaluated best fit technology and services suitable for the solution.

    Based on the interactions and assessments, Agilisium will provide a detailed Statement of Work (SoW) that includes the proposed solution, the various phases of engagement as well as cost estimates for implementing the solution. After the SoW is signed off, Agilisium consultants will work with your team and implement the solution.

    The solution offer enables real-time data analytics. The data from on-premise database is moved to a Microsoft Windows Server setup on Amazon EC2 instance. Amazon S3 Sync then moves the data file from Windows Server to Amazon S3 which triggers a Lambda function. The Lambda function converts the file into parquet format. AWS Glue processes the parquet file and moves it into Amazon Redshift. All of the data is now available and ready for downstream Analytics and Data Science consumers in real-time.

    The solution is highly scalable to handle data growth in real-time. Monitoring and logging is built into the solution to make the environment secure.
  • Key activities
  • 1) Introduction Call
    Introductory call to understand your business requirements as well as introduce Agilisium and their capabilities
    2) Discovery Phase
    Work with key stakeholders to assess your existing environment and define scope and success criteria
    3) Statement of Work

    Agilisium will present a detailed SoW covering various aspects of the engagement

    4) Project kickoff
    Kickoff meeting with key stakeholders on both sides, re-iterating scope, milestones, and success criteria
    5) Project implementation
    Implementation of the solution as per scope defined in the SoW
    6) Technical & Business Validation
    Validation of outcomes both from a technical and business perspective as per the success criteria
    7) Training & Handover

    Train your consultants on the solution and handover documentation and relevant artifacts

  • Customer contribution
  • Key stakeholders
    Involvement of your key business and technical teams throughout the engagement
    AWS Account & Access
    Customer must have an AWS Account and provide necessary access to Agilisium consultants
    Business & Technical Signoff
    Timely review and sign off on milestones and outcomes achieved by Business and Technical teams
  • About this consultant
  • Agilisium is a Los Angeles based big data and analytics company with clear focus on helping organizations accelerate their Data-to-Insights-Leap. We are invested in all stages of data journey: Data Architecture Consulting, Data Integration, Data Storage, Data Governance and Data Analytics.

    Agilisium is an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner with data and analytics and DevOps competency. Agilisium is also recognized as an AWS Service Delivery Partner for Amazon Redshift, EMR, QuickSight, EC2 for Windows Server, Aurora RDS, DynamoDB and Lambda. Agilisium is also an AWS Immersion Day Partner.

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Agilisium’s AWS validated qualifications, customer references, and office locations.

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Agilisium has demonstrated deep AWS technical expertise and proven customer success.

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