Innovate securely with a containerized, automated, and collaborative toolkit for your applications on AWS

Claranet has developed Antares Cloud Management, a tailor-made offer capable of adapting to the technical maturity of your teams and your business challenges. Whether you are a Marketing or Digital Director with a strong need for autonomy in a controlled environment, a CIO with an agile service catalog in a compliant framework, or a startup building out a cloud environment, Antares Cloud Management gives you access to end-to-end consulting services, as well as cutting-edge technical solutions to meet your most important business goals.

With a broad knowledge base in automation, optimization, and support, Claranet can provide 24/7 technical expertise to help you scale your IT capabilities while enabling global growth. Offering a custom set of containerized solutions, security, and DevOps tooling, working with Claranet enables you to deploy your critical applications within days in a state-of-the-art and secure environment. Through collaborative dashboarding, Claranet can also help you to manage your own key performance indicators (KPIs).

As an automated, collaborative, and customizable platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Antares Cloud Management empowers you to accelerate innovation while leveraging the scalability, performance, and high availability of the AWS Cloud. By migrating or establishing new architecture for your applications on AWS, you can shorten release cycles while liberating your teams to focus on what they do best.


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Operational optimization

Quickly deploy new applications and empower your digital teams to be more autonomous.

Operational security

IT teams ensure that security key performance indicators (KPIs) are consistently implemented, followed, and analyzed.

Future-proofing your projects

Launch new ideas, new projects, and in new locations with speed and agility.

Focus on your customers

Offer an outstanding online experience to all of your customers.

  • How it works
  • Antares Cloud Management is made up of an automated, collaborative, and customizable platform built on the AWS Cloud and an ecosystem of tools for day-to-day operation of containers in production. Combined with Claranet's expertise in web platform managed services, Antares Cloud Management empowers you to deploy in a few days, pilot, operate, and secure your critical applications on the AWS Cloud.

    Engagement begins with discovery workshops to establish your unique business needs and architecture requirements. Once these have been determined, Claranet can then begin to design a modular architecture, migrate your existing platform, or build a new one entirely depending on your specific circumstances. During this process, Claranet aims to implement versatile and sustainable AWS technologies while transferring new skills to your teams.

    Taking a DevSecOps approach, an engagement natively enables protection, detection, and reactive measures. The process is both scalable and secure, with consultants on hand to guide you through the entire journey while providing 24/7 support. Using a complete suite of custom tools to drive releases and production, as well as DevOps methods and processes to promote collaboration, you can accelerate time to market while promoting new possibilities for innovation.

    Collaborative Outsourcing: With Antares Cloud Management, your teams manage the evolution of the platforms in production. They can maintain autonomy in the management of applications, services, and AWS APIs.

    Managed Services 24/7: Antares Cloud Management offers you dashboards for all of your teams, as well as a unified view of the application platform.

    Applications: Antares Cloud Management includes a number of customized applications to suit your needs, including Docker Compose for Packaging and the Terraform Module Catalogue. Antares Cloud Management also uses AWS Elastic Beanstack multicontainer Docker environments to take full advantage of Docker benefits.

    DevSecOps: Antares Cloud Management provides a full array of DevSecOps functions, including data encryption, access traceability, secrets management, and detection of anomalous behaviors.

    Tools: With Antares Cloud Management, you have access to complete and standardized CI/CD pipelines, provision of the Terraform codebase, Elastic Beanstalk for deployment and scaling, and other applications and web services.

  • Key activities
  • 1) Discovery workshop

    Kickoff workshop to discover requirements and establish a suitable architecture

    2) Implementation

    Setup of a platform on AWS that provides service availability while minimizing refactoring

    3) Peer programming activities

    Pre-implemented dashboards for complete visibility of availability and application performance

    4) Migration

    Migrate applications and web services from your environment to AWS

    5) Optimization and support

    The platform is supported on a 24/7 basis with on-demand evaluations

  • Customer contribution
  • Workshop involvement

    Participation in kickoff workshops to outline requirements

    Access to internal tools

    When necessary: Docker images, Git, or CI/CD pipeline

    AWS account access

    Customers must provide Claranet consultants with access for the duration of the engagement 

    Team integration

    Cooperation with the development team

  • About this consultant
  • Claranet is focused on providing technical excellence and insights to help ambitious customers win in their markets. Whether you are already using AWS and need help with automation, optimization, and support or are looking to build a greenfield environment for a new application, Claranet can help.

    Claranet is an AWS Managed Service Provider Partner, with AWS Migration, AWS DevOps, and AWS Digital Customer Experience Competencies. As an active contributor to the open-source community, Claranet combines an understanding of your business with deep technical knowledge to create a solution that suits you.

    Claranet also has a close collaboration with digital commerce teams. With a strong track record building ecommerce infrastructure and automation, Claranet is well placed to ensure your environment is fully secure while also providing the reliability and performance you need.

    • 100+ certified AWS experts delivering a local service
    • 400+ public cloud customers
    • 1,000+ application migrations to public cloud

    AWS Managed Services expertise:

    • Automation: deployment and configuration
    • Infrastructure as code
    • Autoscaling
    • Continuous performance analysis
    • Ecommerce on AWS
    • Cloud connect networking
  • Architecture diagram

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