Application Transformation for AWS

Rapid cloud adoption with automated application analysis and remediation that leverage AWS services

Enterprises embarking on a cloud migration journey often recognize the benefits of cloud adoption such as increased scalability, faster time to market, and reduced IT costs. However, they typically struggle to accelerate their migration journey due to manual processes which can be time-consuming & prone to errors.

Customers will often need to remediate legacy applications on Java and .NET before they can be migrated to AWS services such as EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, EKS and ECS. When migrating a large portfolio of applications, the assessment and remediation of code done consistently across all applications becomes a significant challenge.

Atos Consulting offer - "Application Transformation for AWS", provides a standardised application modernization and migration strategy that includes automated code assessment and code remediation capabilities for a predictable, repeatable & reliable migration of applications to AWS using the Atos Cloud Code Automation Tool (CCAT).

CCAT is a platform agnostic tool that can perform code analysis, code governance, and effort estimation of Java and .NET applications for migration to AWS. CCAT can also accelerate the migration by auto-fixing application code for AWS, i.e. the transformed application can leverage PaaS and native services on AWS such as Elastic Beanstalk, EKS, ECS. CCAT greatly reduces the dependence on application subject matter experts in addition to significantly reducing the effort, cost, risk and time taken for cloud migration projects.

CCAT is extensible, fast, flexible and supports Java, C#, VB.Net and even SQL. It can also scan configuration files to check for any specific configuration changes required for AWS fitment.
With 1000+ built-in rules based on different cloud reference architectures, CCAT supports multiple cloud profiles such as Containerization, Re Platform to Tomcat, .NET Core, Cloud Native Compliance, Spring Framework, Modernize for AWS and many more.
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Accelerated code remediation

Significantly reduces the time to analyze and remediate application code & configuration

Fully integrated for AWS
The transformed code is optimized for AWS, i.e. leverages AWS native services
Customizable for customer
1000+ built-in rules provide wide coverage of transformation patterns that can also be  customized
Improved code quality
Code-governance mode in the tool ensures high-quality code with no violations
  • How it works
  • Atos' Application Transformation for AWS offering is based on more than a decade of cloud expertise in developing innovative cloud solutions that help accelerate enterprise cloud transformations and is powered by the Atos Cloud Code Automation Tool (CCAT). The Cloud Assessment & Design recommendations are leveraged to use the appropriate cloud profile to assess and remediate the application for the preferred AWS native service.

    CCAT performs the code analysis against a defined reference architecture and its built-in rules can also be customized to scan and remediate code based on the customers reference architecture, if any. This tool can be used in the following phases –

    1. Pre-migration - In this phase, CCAT is used to analyse the application code and provide estimated migration effort. The tool generates a report which contains:
           - Estimate of the migration effort
           - Effort savings by using CCAT
           - Total number of violations with a breakup based on remediation supported by CCAT i.e. full, partial and manual remediation

    2. Migration - During migration, the tool auto-remediates the application code and configuration. The tool generates a detailed report listing the modified files and line numbers of violations that were fixed. It also lists the violations (file and line numbers) which require manual remediation along with the suggested solution where possible.

    3. Post-migration - In this phase, the tool can be run in a Code-Governance mode which ensures that the application has zero violations even during subsequent enhancement cycles.

    CCAT's transformation capabilities support AWS targets such as EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS), and Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS). A representative blueprint of a .NET application remediated, for deployment to Elastic Beanstalk, using CCAT is available for reference in the architecture diagram section.

  • Key activities
  • 1) Define Treatment Strategy
    The recommendations made during cloud assessment and design are used to define the applicable treatments
    2) Automated Remediation
    CCAT is used to auto-remediate the application code and configuration based on the treatment and target service
    3) Manual Remediation
    Manual remediation for any code, highlighted by CCAT, that could not be completely auto-fixed
    4) AWS Deployment
    Deploy the remediated application to the target AWS service based on AWS best practices
  • Customer contribution
  • In-depth technical discovery
    Collaborative sessions with technical stakeholders for review and sign off of application treatment strategy.
    Technical collaboration
    Working with technical stakeholders to finalize the target architecture patterns suitable for the application.
    Application artifacts
    Access to artifacts such as source code, configuration, and existing documentation for design and deployment.
  • About this consultant
  • Atos, a global leader in digital transformation and cloud, is an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner and an AWS Well-Architected Partner and has achieved the AWS Migration Competency. Atos has more than 1,000 certified AWS professionals spanning multiple specialties and extensive experience across industries.

    Atos works across the cloud lifecycle to weave secure digital solutions into its customers' business applications. Atos consultants leverage a global arsenal of full-stack cloud capabilities that enable customers to compete successfully in a decarbonized and fast-changing world. Atos delivers cutting-edge digital cloud transformation and customer experiences through modernization of existing customer IT systems and infrastructure.

    Atos's end-to-end cloud offerings empower global enterprises to thoroughly analyze their IT landscape. Cloud lifecycle offerings incorporate an optimal transformation roadmap to deliver future-proof application architecture on cloud. Atos provides multiple migration paths through the highly-automated cloud migration factory as well as managed application and cloud support post-migration.

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