Ensure continuous compliance and security when storing, processing, or transmitting PHI on AWS

ClearDATA Comply brings clarity to ambiguous healthcare standards by leveraging automation to enforce, remediate, and visualize your compliance status in the public cloud. Let your team focus on innovation and eliminate the burden and ambiguity of security and compliance with our purpose-built automation that maps to standards and regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, and NIST.

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Australia, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States


Direct access to the AWS console 

Access services from the console automatically configured to handle PHI.

Automatically configured for PHI 

Comply configures, evaluates, and remediates for compliance to regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, etc.

See compliance status of multiple accounts 

Visualize compliance status with near real-time reporting, custom reports, and compliance scores.

  • How it works
  • ClearDATA Comply offers protection for your AWS environment(s), so you can innovate at scale and alleviate the risk of non-compliance. As an AWS Partner with the AWS Healthcare Competency, our strategic collaboration keeps us informed of the latest advancements from the cloud so that we can stay ahead of healthcare compliance considerations as it relates to PHI.

    ClearDATA Comply can be used in different ways based upon where you are in your cloud journey:

    ClearDATA Comply SaaS
    Leverage your in-house cloud expertise to manage your environment while you deploy our software to enforce compliance

    ClearDATA Comply + Managed Services
    Subscribe to our software as well as our team of healthcare cloud experts to manage the security aspects of your environment

  • Key activities
  • 1) Schedule a consultation

    Share objectives and information about your environment, whether it’s new or already on the cloud.

    2) Architecture review

    Our certified AWS architects will review your architecture and advise on configurations for PHI.

    3) Align on recommended solution

    Together, we’ll build the solution that best meets your needs and align on responsibilities.

    4) Engage with our managed services

    Our managed services keep you compliant throughout the lifecyle of your application.

    5) Build your application

    Get started on your app with direct access to AWS services via the console, configured for sensitive healthcare data.

  • Customer contribution
  • Application owners

    Engage with our solution architects to collaboratively design an environment for healthcare.

    Cloud architects

    Work with our certified cloud architects to create a secure and compliant AWS environment customized for you.

    Security engineers

    Learn how to gain visibility of compliance status across all AWS environments with Comply reporting.

  • About this consultant
  • As an AWS Premier Partner exclusive to healthcare and life sciences and a HITRUST certified organization, we simplify the management of AWS environments while enforcing compliance, whether it be HIPAA, GxP, or GDPR. With the vast number of new features and services AWS releases throughout the year, our AWS experts help you stay both compliant and up to date with the latest AWS services.

    ClearDATA has developed a purpose-built shared responsibility model that combines architecture guidance, optimized delivery configurations, and packaging options to provide additional security and processes on top of AWS cloud. Paired with our HITRUST-certified processes and controls, customers can focus on their applications while knowing that the underlying operating systems and infrastructure are installed, configured, and maintained in a secure and compliant manner.

  • Architecture diagram
  • ClearDATA Automated Safeguards Reference Architecture
    1) User provisions or updates resource
    2) Resource provision or update is detected
    3) ClearDATA Automated Safeguards are notified
    4) Resource is evaluated for compliance & remediated if non-compliant
    5) Evaluation results recorded and notification sent

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