Full-Stack Upgrade for SaaS Growth

CloudGeometry's proven SaaS know-how and best-practices expertise help you build on AWS to add new customers faster

As the software-as-a-service (SaaS) business model proves its ability to capture customers and move markets, SaaS product companies face increasing demand to create and deliver more features faster. For growth-stage B2B SaaS organizations, CloudGeometry's Full-Stack Upgrade for SaaS Growth can help you plan and execute on the best ways to reach your product and business goals.

The Full-Stack Upgrade for SaaS Growth consulting offer is designed with the same architectural goals as the AWS SaaS Boost open source project. By using AWS SaaS Boost, CloudGeometry removes the complexity of building SaaS solutions to help you reduce development and experimentation time and get your software into the hands of customers faster.

In the course of the consulting engagement, CloudGeometry experts work with you to target the highest-impact gaps in your application and infrastructure roadmap and help eliminate technical barriers to growth. CloudGeometry's experience engineering the range of the essential SaaS best practices frees you to focus on the domain-specific features your users and customers value most. 

Choose from a portfolio of specialties to reach the next inflection point that advances your SaaS journey and business strategy. Migrate legacy infrastructure and achieve built-in automation of new feature releases. You gain deeper visibility into operational metrics as well as greater transparency into how users interact with your product. Bolster the robustness of your data, privacy, and secure isolation with a more complete multi-tenancy platform that provides new ways to take advantage of microservices, along with serverless and cloud-native approaches. Integrate with the leading enterprise products and data sources already in use by your customers.

Wherever you are on your SaaS journey, count on CloudGeometry to unlock the operational agility and cost savings of SaaS, and to help you keep your competitive edge as customer and marketplace expectations accelerate.  


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Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Russian Federation, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, South Africa 


Add features and customers faster

Achieve a secure, scalable full-stack platform well-suited to build and release new product ideas.

Tune back-end to fit business model

Align shared services and data and analytics technologies to specific needs of repeatable revenue model.

Keep infrastructure cost-effective

Proven SaaS blueprints for cost optimization, global deployment, security, compliance, and 24/7 uptime.

Anticipate and avoid barriers to growth

Repeatable DevOps processes via microservices, continuous delivery, and QA for global-scale automation.

  • How it works
  • The success of every SaaS business model relies on versatility – both in delivering value to customers, and in a robust and flexible cloud platform that adapts to market changes. CloudGeometry's Full-Stack Upgrade for SaaS Growth can help you achieve the continuous improvement you need to scale successfully, both in product architecture and in software development operations. The goal: deliver enterprise-grade functional and business benefits to unlock your growth. CloudGeometry takes a 360-degree view of the tools, processes, and technologies that make up your SaaS platform and considers how they can best be aligned with your product roadmap. The goal is to help you reliably accelerate growth by adding new customers and making product ideas successful faster.

    A proven set of preconfigured components designed in alignment with the functional capabilities of the AWS SaaS boost Open Source project integrates directly with your existing platform. These components include services for tenant onboarding and provisioning as well as extensible service modules for per-tenant configuration and metadata, usage, quota, settings, and metrics. In tandem with these preconfigured modules, CloudGeometry's collaboration helps sharpen the effectiveness of bottom-up fundamentals and helps your product organization adapt. This enables continuous optimization between your SaaS business model and your combined architecture and day-to-day operations. Reducing the friction in SaaS feature delivery relies on a well oiled machine of agile software development, quality assurance (QA) automation, and automated deployment.

    CloudGeometry's packaged blueprint for CI/CD affords you the resilience to improve the production quality of the operating platform at every iteration of your roadmap. To this, CloudGeometry experts add secure transparency of build-and-release processes through automation and monitoring of infrastructure deployment. Detailed, tenant-aware tracking and observability of resource consumption also ensures each new customer is onboarded fast, with a minimum of manual effort and eliminating unintended misconfiguration.

    Evolving your product and data architecture means microservices play a key role in rationalizing the delivery of new features across both development and operations. CloudGeometry's deep experience in both front and back-end microservices, from containerization to Kubernetes orchestration, helps turn product ideas into new features faster. The Full-Stack Upgrade for SaaS Growth offering also bolsters the extensibility of your product offering through new integrations to put you on the path to cloud-native versatility. 

  • Key activities
  • 1) Analyze product platform stack

    Align your use cases with technology choices best suited to deliver agility, innovation, and competitive advantage.

    2) Assess operational and scalability risk

    Apply AWS Well-Architected Framework to zero in on the SaaS best practices critical to operational velocity.

    3) Refactor for back-end microservices

    Focus first on optimizing core services (global settings, data infrastructure, tenant metadata, quotas, and usage).

    4) Automate new customer launch process

    Standardize on tools and processes: make release cycles easier to manage and deliver software changes with confidence.

    5) Streamline new customer onboarding

    Optimize DevOps release chain from streamlined new feature build-out through QA and production release.

    6) Set up metrics-ready data services

    Design and implement cost-optimized data pipeline; expose insights into customer experience and resource utilization.

    7) Tiered billable and freemium offerings

    Expand your product capabilities to reach all sizes of organization, accelerating try-and-buy and self-service.

    8) Enable enterprise readiness

    Level up application maintenance and support to handle service-level expectations of global customers at scale.

  • Customer contribution
  • Product and customer strategy

    Customer provides current website and case studies, new product plans, go-to-market, and strategy ideas.

    Market-specific regulatory needs

    List systems constraints you need to address in infrastructure, user identity, privacy, and data residency.

    Your top competitive challenges

    Provide a SWOT analysis under NDA to highlight where you need to be 6-18 months out.

    As-is technology stack and environment

    Any diagrams, documentation or inventory of what you used to build the systems and workloads you have today.

    Assign key partners on your team

    Named business owner, product manager, and technical stakeholder to collaborate and approve outcome of all sprints.

  • About this consultant
  • CloudGeometry specializes in SaaS technical consultancy. CloudGeometry builds, launches, and optimizes software to drive SaaS business success. CloudGeometry experts' hands-on platform engineering skills accelerate product ideas reliably: full-stack upgrades, microservices, DevOps, QA, and more. Through the proven leverage of SaaS architecture, CloudGeometry can help you unlock feature agility and customer innovation to keep ahead of your competition. Available packaged services enable sustainable SaaS excellence and pragmatic cloud-engineering solutions.

    For the last decade, CloudGeometry has built and deployed hundreds of big, fast apps backed by scale-out infrastructure across a range of industries: financial services, industrial automation, HIPAA-compliant healthcare, adtech, consumer-grade mobile, internet of things (IoT), and smart devices, among others. Working across a wide variety of applications has given CloudGeometry valuable insight into essential full-stack application patterns. Learning from these similarities has allowed CloudGeometry to develop adaptive, flexible, technology-driven solutions even faster.

    CloudGeometry is an AWS Partner offering consulting services and has achieved the AWS SaaS Competency in recognition of deep experience helping organizations design and build SaaS and cloud-native solutions on AWS. CloudGeometry has been recognized for success in delivering against demanding customer requirements up and down the AWS technology stack. In the spring of 2019, the company earned four AWS Service Delivery designations in the space of four months: Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Redshift, AWS Database Migration Service, and AWS Lambda.

  • Architecture diagram

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