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Today’s businesses succeed or fail by the speed and quality of their decisions - decisions that hinge on the veracity of their data. Where intelligent decision making is the need, Cognizant’s Data Modernization Platform on AWS is the solution. This suite of proprietary tools makes data more readily accessible, reliable and compliant - to empower critical, real-time business decisions. Business leaders must make effective use of data and analytics. A key impediment is that the data remains inaccessible. Disparate sources of data and inconsistent analytics mean few organizations get the value they need from their data. 
Cognizant’s Data Modernization Platform on AWS is a combination of pre-engineered products, patented assets, and AI and ML-based accelerators that perform data ingestion, build data lakes, automate repetitive data management activities, and transform data.  Cognizant BigDecisions® is an enterprise software solution comprised of interconnected modules, which simplifies data management and operations across the organization to elevate decision making.
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Robust metadata-driven framework

Cognizant BigDecisions® allows for up to 90% automated ingestion with metadata driven robust framework.

Data pipeline development

Enable up to 3x faster productivity for data pipeline build.

Faster time to market

Accelerate delivery by up to 75%.

Enable citizen users

No code or low code approach to ensure easier enterprise wide adoption.

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  • How it works
  • Cognizant BigDecisions® is an award-winning and matured "Modern Data Platform" that seamlessly bridges the gap across traditional BI, advanced analytics, and digital applications. It delivers significant levels of automation across architectural layers to accelerate implementation of data lake build and operations to delivering data for analytics and AI use cases. The platform offers the opportunity for significant improvement across all dimensions of architecture, operations, automation, quality framework, and most importantly, the flexibility required by various domains in accessing data for analytics.

    Cognizant BigDecisions® enables sophisticated business analytics enriched with varied information sources on a flexible platform. Through an integrated digital, IoT, and data sciences-enabled test-and-learn environment, it facilitates rapid business experimentation, while reducing uncertainty in costs and time-to-value.

    Cognizant BigDecisions® provides the following capabilities out of the box:

    • Simplify the complex architecture
    • Rapid data on board, ingest, and standardize multi-structured data
    • High level of trust and integrity of data
    • Actionable insights at the point of consumption and decision-making across roles and hierarchies
    • Data Marketplace for collaboration and digital asset monetization
    • App Store for rapid business value realization

    A future-ready, flexible architecture that breaks organizational data silos and jump starts your digital journey. 

  • Key activities
  • 1) Ingest

    Batch or real-time metadata-driven data ingestion and processing.

    2) Transform

    Self-serve data aggregation engine.

    3) Govern

    Persona-based permissions and roles that include data quality assurance.

    4) Consume

    Plug-and-play data visualization and API-based data delivery.

    5) Enterprise software on your terms

    Engineer and orchestrate data workflows in a modular fashion.

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  • Vision for modern data platform

    Bring your vision for a modern cloud platform.

    Current state walkthrough

    Tell us your current data pain points.

    AWS account access

    For platform installation and configuration in your subscription.

    Security policy enforcement

    Platform configuration with your LDAP/AD/SAML2.0 federated access.

  • About this consultant
  • Cognizant works with global enterprises to build robust, modern, and secure digital platforms on the AWS Cloud, enabling them to accelerate innovation, scale business services, and improve operational agility. With corporate headquarters in the United States and offices across more than 40 countries worldwide, Cognizant's global presence extends its delivery capability and amplifies its impact. With approximately 300,000 employees globally with 100+ transformational blueprints, 4,500+ certified AWS professionals, 12,000+ trained AWS practitioners, and 300+ customers on AWS, Cognizant is ready to help with all your AWS Cloud needs.

    As an AWS Partner, Cognizant can advance your digital transformation journey by modernizing your core to promote innovation. Cognizant optimizes operations, drives efficiencies, unlocks new business opportunities, and offers richer and differentiated customer experiences through three core capabilities: Cloud Consult, Cloud Migrate, and Cloud Operate.

    Cognizant is an AWS Partner offering consutling services, an AWS Managed Services Provider Partner, and an AWS Well-Architected Partner. Cognizant has achieved the AWS SAP, AWS Migration, AWS Financial Services, AWS Healthcare, and AWS Life Sciences Competencies and the AWS CloudFormation Service Delivery designation, among others.

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