Create a Landing Zone and scale quickly whilst maintaining regulatory, governance and security standards.

Having helped many customers accelerate cloud adoption or to relaunch ailing cloud programmes, Contino understands the difficulties associated with establishing foundations in the cloud in a manner that enables customers to scale whilst maintaining standards.
Too often customers deploy within a smaller division, or for a niche application, or in pilot projects, but wider deployment has stalled. This offering will enable customers to establish a Landing Zone with the right governance, security, networking and services, upskilling customers teams, using automation to accelerate cloud adoption from these secure foundations.

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Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, North America


Automated Infrastructure

Automated provisioning following industry-standard secure implementation patterns.

Developer Guard Rails

Standardized identity and access management controls for a highly regulated environment.

Security and Compliance Baseline

Pre-empting non-compliant or unauthorized access against industry standards.

Scaled Cloud Adoption

A solution that will grow with a business to meet cloud adoption needs.

  • How it works
  • A Landing Zone comprises three key components: a core set of shared service accounts - security, logging, provisioning and transit, a secure baseline, and an account lifecycle panagement process.

    The Contino Enterprise Cloud Accelerator comprises a core offering of reusable open-source components (such as Terraform modules and processes) that combines to address the above requirement, which can be extended and customized to suit customer requirements.

 Contino will work with customers to define the requirements and characteristics of Landing Zone(s) by working backwards from the business outcomes a customer wishes to achieve.  Contino will then utilize a 15 step preparation and delivery process that helps customer's assemble and upskill the right teams, align stakeholders to identified outcomes, and create the landing zone. Contino will help customer's choose and deliver a lighthouse project to prove initial business value, and then support business' as they scale.

  • Key activities
  • 1) Prepare - What?
    What business outcomes does the Landing Zone need to enable? Identify initial lighthouse to support these.
    2) Prepare - How?
    How the accounts created by the Landing Zone will be consumed by applications, services, and end users.
    3) Prepare - Who?
    Who will work with Contino to develop and test? Who will support day to day operation?
    4) Prepare - Rules
    Establish the security and governance baseline, ensure Infosec and other stakeholders are aligned.
    5) Automate
    Embed an automation-first culture to leverage the code, tools and processes that underpin the offering.
    6) Deliver - Test and Lighthouse
    Deliver the test environment and lighthouse project that establish the baseline and start to prove the case.
    7) Deliver - Ensure Compliance
    A tracking process to measure, report on and maintain security and compliance.
    8) Deliver - Keep Evolving
    Continue to work with stakeholders to refresh outcomes, target new workloads and upskill teams.
  • Customer contribution
  •  Prepare - What?

    Work with Contino and stakeholders to agree on business outcomes and lighthouse project.

    Prepare - How?

    Define how the Landing Zone will be consumed.

     Prepare - Who?

    Identify key team members and any skills gaps that require Contino to fulfil and/or assist with upskilling.

    Prepare - Rules

    Ensure key teams such as Infosec have agreed the security/governance baseline.

    Deliver - Test & Lighthouse

    Transition existing legacy applications to cloud native deployment.

    Deliver - Ensure Compliance

    Ensure reporting results feed into regulatory and governance procedures.

    Deliver - Keep Evolving

    Work with stakeholders, migration teams and Contino to impact learning, refresh migration list, methodology.

    Manage Environment

    Ensure platform support arrangements are in place and operating effectively.

  • About this consultant
  • Contino is a global enterprise DevOps, data, and cloud transformation consultancy. Contino specializes in supporting the transformation of heavily regulated enterprises by modernizing ways of working and delivering high-quality, secure software change, leveraging the power of AWS. Contino does this through its deep expertise in cloud platform build and migration, DevOps transformation, cloud security, cloud-native software development, and data platforms and analytics.

    Contino is an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner offering consulting services and has been awarded the AWS DevOps, AWS Migration, AWS Energy, AWS Financial Services, and AWS Data & Analytics Competencies. Contino’s technical team holds over 200 AWS certifications across three global regions of APAC, EMEA, and the USA.

  • Architecture diagram

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How to Build a Cloud Landing Zone that Delivers Real Business Value
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