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Contino’s Murex MX.3 modernization consulting offer is the proven solution for migrating Murex MX.3 to AWS. Contino empowers customers to accelerate time-to-release, reduce operational risks and improve resiliency through the adoption of an automated infrastructure-as-code and DevOps approach that delivers a modern, secure and elastic MX.3 environment in AWS. Contino’s approach to modernizing MX.3 environment leverages its Momentum delivery framework combined with its Squad Model and dual delivery approach. These proven processes have already underpinned the successful digital transformation of more than 300 enterprises worldwide. Not only will customers achieve a successfully migrated, secure, scalable, cloud-optimized MX.3 platform on AWS, Contino will also impart its skills, experience and knowledge to customers' DevOps teams so they can run and enhance the platform sustainably and efficiently. This unified and collaborative approach means that customers experience tangible benefits sooner and are self-enabled to accelerate additional modernization efforts.

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Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, North America



DevOps-enabled pipelines and automation enable rapid, iterative releases in minutes


Ephemeral, right-sized environments to suit development and release needs cost-effectively

Secure & Compliant

Integration with cloud-native services to maintain regulatory compliance and platform security

Highly Available & Resilient

High-performance, low-latency design with automated scaling and recovery
  • How it works
  • Contino’s Murex MX.3 modernization consulting offer begins by connecting with customer stakeholders and technical teams. Contino will collaborate and align customer teams to achieve mutually endorsed objectives and goals for the business by leveraging the most capability from the AWS platform.
    Contino then starts to deep-dive into the existing MX.3 landscape, cloud environment, architecture and design processes, security frameworks and regulatory compliance requirements, as well as change management/release processes. Contino teams works alongside both customers technical and business teams to gain a thorough understanding of how the current environment works, how "things and processes" get done and what most importantly what business challenges need to be overcome.
    Contino analyses aspects of MX.3 design and operational processes and identifies opportunities to improve the agility and effectiveness of customers' development lifecycles, as well as the resilience to unexpected failures and the performance of core Murex MX.3 functionality. These improvements occur in parallel with the deployment of an initial Murex MX.3 environment into AWS. Alongside customer technical teams, Contino continues to iterate on the Infrastructure as Code (IaC), automation and CICD pipelines to enhance the platform, continuously delivering more robust, full-featured and cost-optimized environments.
    Once iterative development reaches a point where the AWS-based MX.3 platform meets – or exceeds – the legacy MX.3 platform, data migration begins and cutover planning is initiated. Multiple levels of thorough testing including functional, performance, Integration and User Acceptance are performed to verify and validate the new platform’s capabilities and provide business owners with full confidence in the migration.
  • Key activities
  • 1) Nurture It
    Workshops with stakeholders to align on the MX.3 transformation objectives and DevOps/Cloud fundamentals
    2) Plan It
    Analysis of your current MX.3 & enterprise landscape to plan the transformation stages and approach
    3) Prove It
    Deployment of a lighthouse instance the MX.3 platform to prove value and allow further iterative improvements
    4) Scale It
    Iteratively improving upon the lighthouse platform to meet the functional & non-functional needs of your org
    5) Accelerate & Improve It
    Cut-over of production capabilities to AWS followed by ongoing enhancements through the new CICD pipeline
  • Customer contribution
  • Cloud LZ & Security Controls

    Administrative access to the server infrastructure

    Stakeholder Engagement

    Ongoing, regular cadence with technical and business stakeholders within your organization

    Environment analysis

    Your current MX3 team provides us visibility into your existing MX.3 platform and integration points

    Delivery and Feedback

    Active participation of your teams to delivery the new MX.3 platform and receive upskilling on AWS

    UAT & Test Data

    Assistance from your testing teams for user acceptance and to provide anonymised test data

    Decommission Legacy Environment

    Assistance with final shutdown and decommissioning of legacy systems

  • About this consultant
  • Contino is a global enterprise DevOps, Data and Cloud Transformation Consultancy. Contino specializes in supporting heavily regulated enterprises transform by modernizing ways of working and delivering high quality, secure software change leveraging the power of the AWS. Contino does this through its deep expertise in cloud platform build and migration, DevOps transformation, cloud security, cloud native software development and data platforms and analytics.
    Contino is an AWS Partner offering consulting services and has been awarded the AWS DevOps, AWS migration, AWS energy, AWS financial services and AWS data & analytics competencies. Contino’s technical team holds over 200 AWS certifications across three global regions of APAC, EMEA and USA.
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