Drive customer engagement, conversion, and lifetime value by generating and activating real-time data insights

Credera enables organizations to drive customer engagement, conversion, and lifetime value by building best-of-breed data pipelines that generate and activate real-time customer insights. With our Marketing Analytics Platform, organizations accelerate the integration, unification, and analysis of their first and third-party customer data. This solution allows organizations to begin delivering the right content through the right channels at the right time to their customers.

While organizations have historically relied on third-party data and borrowed insights to inform business decisions and marketing campaigns, the evolving data landscape is shifting to reward organizations who own their entire customer data pipeline. Growing data privacy regulations limit the availability of borrowed data, significantly impacting those without customer data control. The Marketing Analytics Platform solution addresses this concern by giving organizations the ability to own the integration, unification, and analysis of their customers' data, providing both immediate and long-term business benefits.

Through this solution, Credera will partner with your organization to design and build an accelerated, modern data pipeline that generates and activates real-time customer insights.



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1st and 3rd-Party Data Integration
Easily integrate first-party data from owned interactions with third-party data from partners.
Data Ownership and Unification
Ingest, transform, and store data in a single repository, creating a unified customer view.
Data Analysis at Scale
Run petabyte-scale analysis on unified first and third-party data, producing actionable insights.
Customer-Insights-Based Activation
Leverage insights to deliver the right content at the right time through the right channel.
  • How it works
  • Credera utilizes a four-stage approach to successfully implementing the Marketing Analytics Platform: Assess, Strategize, Implement, and Iterate.

    In the Assess stage, Credera seeks to understand the organization's current-state data capabilities and maturity. Credera works with the organization to identify current-state data sets, relevant customizations, environments, tools, reports, and dashboards available. Once initial information is gathered, Credera works to assess overall data and analytics maturity, identifying opportunities for improvement.

    In the Strategize stage, Credera builds on the current-state assessment to help the organization envision future-state capabilities and maturity. Based on the vision, Credera crafts a project roadmap and execution plan to close gaps between the current state and desired future state.

    In the Implement stage, Credera executes against the data and analytics roadmap and execution plan. Credera begins by establishing the necessary cloud foundation—environments, accounts, and infrastructure—using predefined Marketing Analytics Platform accelerators. Once the foundation has been established, Credera works with the organization to incorporate customized data sets and models, set up preferred tools, and create reports and dashboards. Credera then works with the organization to generate real-time customer data insights,which may be paired with activation tools for orchestrating relevant and timely customer engagement across the organization's channels.

    In the final stage, Iterate, Credera provides tools and processes to equip the organization for the continuous improvement and optimization of its data and analytics capabilities. Optionally, the organization may choose to further partner with Credera for recurring access to an expert advisory panel who may provide additional insight-generation recommendations and optimization feedback.

  • Key activities
  • 1) Capabilities & Maturity Assessment
    Understand current-state data technologies and maturity to identify opportunities for improvement.
    2) Strategy Definition & Project Plan
    Define future-state vision and craft the roadmap with initiatives requirements, and project plans.
    3) AWS Environment Creation & Setup
    Set up and configure cloud-environment accounts.
    4) Base AWS Infrastructure Setup

    Create the standard Marketing Analytics Platform environment (accelerator with known data sets).

    5) Customized Data Incorporation
    Build data ingestion and models based on customized data.
    6) Tools Setup and Configuration

    Set up and configure customer-preferred tools for reporting and data visualization.

    7) Report & Dashboard Creation

    Build reports and dashboards to visualize key data aligning with customer strategy.

    8) Expert Advisory Panel
    If desired, gain recurring input from a broad spectrum of experts to continually improve insight generation.
  • Customer contribution
  • Access to Existing Systems
    Provide access to existing data, systems, and artifacts relevant to current-state data capabilities.
    Define Desired Additional KPIs
    Beyond predefined KPIs provided, specify additional desired KPIs.
    Share Activation Channels
    Provide access / artifacts related to current activation channels for customer interactions and engagement.
    Stakeholder Access
    Provide access to necessary stakeholders who can provide relevant information on current-state systems.
  • About this consultant
  • Credera is a global, boutique consulting firm focused on strategy, transformation, data, and technology. Credera provides expert, objective advice and solutions to help solve complex business and technology challenges. Their partnerships enable them to deliver specialized expertise that makes an impact. As part of Omnicom Precision Marketing Group, their more than 900 consultants across the globe partner with customers ranging from long-time market leaders to emerging companies.

    As an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Services Partner, Credera delivers end-to-end AWS solutions that accelerate business goals and growth. Credera houses Omnicom Precision Marketing Group’s (OPMG) Amazon Center of Excellence (CoE) to serve customers with innovative solutions at the intersection of digital transformation and digital customer experience. The Amazon CoE brings together OPMG’s digital services, AWS technology, and Credera’s cloud adoption expertise to help customers create and scale meaningful customer experiences.

    Credera holds 200+ AWS certifications, has achieved AWS competencies in DevOps and Data & Analytics, and hold Service Delivery designations for AWS Lambda, Amazon EMR, and Amazon EC2 for Windows Server. Credera is also an AWS Well-Architectured, AWS Public Sector, and APN Immersion Days Program Partner.

  • Architecture diagram

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