Application Modernization and Migration to AWS Cloud

Providing enterprises the capability to transform their mainframe legacy applications and migrate to the AWS Cloud

Deloitte’s Application Modernization and Migration to AWS Cloud consulting offer, powered by innoWake™, offers a comprehensive solution for enterprises' mainframe migration and modernization journeys. The approach Deloitte has developed helps enterprises migrate legacy off the mainframe to AWS, while minimizing execution risk.

Deloitte's automated, tools-based approach supports legacy technology written in a variety of programming languages, such as common business-oriented language (COBOL), Natural, Job Control Language (JCL), Programming Language One (PL/1), CA Gen, and others. Deloitte's innoWake™ solution helps customers migrate legacy applications and associated technology stacks to the AWS Cloud. This critical step of being off the mainframe unlocks possibilities for further efficient modernization and capability enhancements.

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Streamline modernization processes

Convert legacy code with automated migration software: COBOL, Natural, PL/1, CA Gen to Java or .NET.

Increase business agility

Unlock the power of the cloud, meet ever-changing business needs, and leverage new capabilities (AIML).

Realize cost savings

Run legacy applications on the cloud to lower operating costs and shift funding from CapEx to OpEx.

Enable staff transition

Ensure an effective workforce transition by delivering a comprehensive change management program.

  • How it works
  • Deloitte’s Application Modernization and Migration to AWS Cloud consulting offer begins with the creation of an implementation roadmap based on customers' priorities, focusing on core system improvements rather than reinventing what already works. The innoWake™ solution not only converts legacy systems to a contemporary technology platform, but also addresses key areas that can be enhanced after core systems are modernized while enhancing and leveraging your current IT investments.

    Once the transformation is completed, the code base is in a modern language, the data structures are normalized, and the user experience employs web-enabled screens. IT no longer has to support older mainframes, which helps customers save time, resources, and significant costs, and be more responsive to the business. Additionally, the migrated system is compatible with agile development and DevOps processes. At this point, the transformation enables the adoption of various modernization opportunities such as mobility, advanced analytics, and cybersecurity.

    What does a transformed application look like? Your end users may not notice significant changes. Deloitte's transformation insures that applications have the same functionality, look, and feel, but are dressed up in a modern web interface.

    Developers will understand that the underlying code base has been transformed, yet the transformed code will interact with migrated data exactly as it did in the legacy system. The modern code mirrors legacy code. This is critical, as it enables developers to continue maintaining the applications as well as allowing new Java developers to quickly learn how to maintain transformed legacy applications.

  • Key activities
  • 1) Execute discovery assessment

    Execute a discovery assessment to gain a comprehensive understanding of your current legacy environment.

    2) Create a roadmap

    Create a roadmap based on your needs and your unique priorities.

    3) Transform code and data

    Automate transformation of legacy code and data.

    4) Interfaces and third-party components

    Refactor user screens by integrating code and data with interfaces and third-party software.

    5) Test

    Automate testing, validate new system functionally, and execute different testing (integration, load/stress, and user acceptance testing).

    6) Go live

    Final migration and production go live.

    7) Decommission legacy environment

    Final shutdown and decommission of legacy infrastructure.

    8) Create future-state roadmap

    Identify plan for subsequent modernization steps to implement enhancements (analytics and cloud deployment).

  • Customer contribution
  • Ongoing engagement

    Engage and leverage customer's experts throughout the project to ensure a smooth transformation journey.

    Access to legacy artifacts

    Provide access to legacy code, data, and configuration points.

    User acceptance testing

    Execute user acceptance testing.

  • About this consultant
  • Deloitte is an AWS Partner and has achieved 13 AWS Competencies, including the AWS Mainframe Migration Competency. A strategic global systems integrator, Deloitte has thousands of certified AWS practitioners across the globe and continues to raise the bar. The AWS Mainframe Migration Competency recognizes AWS Partners, such as Deloitte, who have mature practices and a track record of successful mainframe workload migrations.

    Deloitte’s Application Modernization and Migration to AWS Cloud, powered by innoWake™, provides enterprises with the capability to transform legacy applications and move them to AWS in a fully automated manner. In addition to Deloitte's proven transformation methodologies and technologies, Deloitte assembles collaborative teams with global reach that combine industry experience with highly specialized technical skills. They’re supported by professionals in Deloitte's application modernization studios, based in three areas: Austin, TX; Senden (Germany); and Bangalore (India). And as a single-source provider—that is, Deloitte owns both products and services—Deloitte is able to successfully manage, deliver, and exceed various customer needs and requirements.

  • Architecture diagram

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