Secure Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) Deployment

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud or Amazon VPC is a way to provision a logically isolated section of AWS as a defined virtual network. Foghorn’s VPC-In-A-Box℠ is built upon a proven methodology and put into action with consistency to produce global connections at scale.

From a public-facing website to hosting multi-tier applications, Amazon VPC can provide a secure, compliant environment that can scale at the pace of business. This offering demystifies, simplifies, and accelerates Amazon VPC creation, configuration, and optimization, to seamlessly connect to AWS Availability Zones within AWS Regions around the world. Foghorn’s VPC-In-A-Box℠ is a powerful, fully customizable Virtual Private Cloud deployment solution.


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Plug and Play

Three tiers of configurations and pricing enable quick migration, adoption, and transformation.

Preconfigured for Speed

Amazon VPC best practices and proven methodologies are baked into the offering.


Terraform Module is versionable and can be used repeatedly to spin up additional Amazon VPCs.


QA tested code provides functionality and security.

  • How it works
  • Foghorn’s VPC-In-A-Box℠ is fully customizable. Foghorn will work with you to determine the AWS resources you would like to keep private. Foghorn can connect your Amazon VPC to the internet, to your data center, or to other Amazon VPCs. With AWS Availability Zones in AWS Regions around the world, Foghorn can design Amazon VPC networks with interconnectivity and global reach.

    With Foghorn’s VPC-In-A-Box℠, production schedules can be shortened, budgets slashed, and peace of mind enhanced. Your custom Amazon VPC configuration will be delivered in a reusable Terraform module. Fine-tuned over hundreds of engagements, this code is built upon the backbone of Foghorn’s proprietary methodology and best practices. The code is versionable and can be used repeatedly to spin up additional high-performing Amazon Virtual Private Clouds quickly and easily in the future.

    Three tiers are available:
    • Express: Suitable for proof of concept Amazon VPC project, intranet projects, or corporate websites.
    • Production: Ideal for Amazon VPC web applications and SaaS product offerings.
    • Enterprise: Intensive customization for large-scale Amazon VPC requirements, disaster recovery, and compliance Amazon VPC projects.
  • Key activities
  • 1) Ready

    In-depth discovery workshop to understand business and technical requirements.

    2) Get set

    Fine-tune VPC-In-A-Box℠ configurations and sign-off.

    3) Go

    Deliver Amazon VPC as Terraform code and spin up Amazon VPCs in the appropriate accounts, along with interconnectivity.

  • Customer contribution
  • Deep Dive

    Discovery session with application architects and relevant stakeholders.

    Role-Based Access

    Permissions and access for Foghorn engineers to spin up Amazon VPC resources.

  • About this consultant
  • Foghorn Consulting was founded in 2008 with a mission to ensure that cloud computing initiatives deliver maximum value for its customers. Based in Silicon Valley, Foghorn provides domain expertise in strategy, planning, execution, and managed cloud services to high-growth organizations and enterprises seeking a cloud partner. Its award-winning cloud architects, DevOps engineers, and SREs design, build, and deploy digital transformations that accelerate innovation in the cloud for some of the largest companies in the world.

    An AWS Partner with the AWS DevOps and AWS Security Competencies, Foghorn has developed some valuable opinions on Amazon VPC configurations. Having worked with Amazon Virtual Private Clouds since their inception, Foghorn has over a decade-long track record of delivering secure, scalable, and successful outcomes on AWS.

  • Architecture diagram

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