Infosys Cloud Data Validation Solution

Address modern-day data validation challenges with an open source-based scalable automation solution

With today's rapid and exponential changes in data volume, variety, and velocity, organizations may encounter errors and redundancies in their records. Infosys offers Infosys Cloud Data Validation Solution, a best-in-class cloud-native data automation solution that helps streamline and accelerate testing of data integration and data analytics platforms. It is a solution that will enable any organization to strengthen their quality assurance processes to make sure that the data shared is consistent, relevant, and timely. Built on open and adaptive architectural principles, this solution integrates with your existing infrastructure, enabling access for teams across your organization for better collaboration.

With Infosys Cloud Data Validation Solution, Infosys takes charge of your records and automates validation of data regularization and accuracy. This offer brings together an automated solution based on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and open source language Python for a comprehensive technical approach to data validation between source and target database/files like data quality check (duplicate records, missing records), data reconciliation checks, and data validation checks (duplicate records, incorrect pattern, missing records). Infosys Cloud Data Validation Solution will enable your data quality assurance to achieve complete data coverage during the testing phase, reduce your time to market by identifying anomalies in data earlier in the life cycle, and thus lead to better customer satisfaction.


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Unified solution for all validations

All types of data validations can be performed under one umbrella.

Flexible solution

New features can be built on any technology and can be integrated.

Better customization

Easy to reconfigure the underlying cloud components based on customer need.

Improved productivity

Data validation time can be brought down by nearly 50%.

  • How it works
  • Infosys Cloud Data Validation System is a web-based offering that automates the data validation process. Built on open and adaptive architectural principles, the solution integrates with your existing infrastructure to enable better collaboration. It is capable of validating data for use cases like:

    • Migration of legacy data warehouse to cloud data warehouse
    • Migration of any application from on-premises to cloud
    • New data lake hosted on cloud
    • Migration of on-premises data lake to cloud
    • Migration of dashboards to cloud-based platform

    Through this consulting offer, Infosys will work with your organization to understand the data-related challenges in your environment, set up an initial meeting with key stakeholders to identify the quality assurance opportunity, and share input as to the best use cases that should be automated using Infosys Cloud Data Validation Solution.

    Infosys will thereafter propose a detailed statement of work (SOW) that includes scope or use case of data validation, deployment process of the solution using an AWS CloudFormation template, account configuration, AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies, AWS service details (please see the referenced architecture diagram to understand how it works and what AWS services are being used), and mutually agreed terms and conditions of consulting offer. Infosys will then align a dedicated team who will work with your organization to provide detailed training to your subject-matter experts (SMEs) and testing team regarding deployment and maintenance of the solution.

  • Key activities
  • 1) Due diligence

    Infosys team will analyze and understand your current landscape and security requirements.

    2) Suggestion of appropriate use case

    Finalize the appropriate use case for data quality validation. 

    3) Parameterize the deployment script

    In accordance with your target environment, Infosys will parameterize the initial deployment script.

    4) Deployment

    Infosys will deploy infrastructure and the application code.

    5) Training

    Enable core team to perform tests, solution deployment, and further maintenance by providing relevant documentation.

  • Customer contribution
  • Provide infrastructure access

    Provide Infosys access to your infrastructure and data.

    Define various roles

    Identify different roles and user groups that will be accessing the solution.

    Make SMEs available  

    Infosys will share any clarifications or support on logistics and business queries with the appropriate SMEs.

    Provide certification details

    Provide details of any specific compliance standards your organization needs to meet.

  • About this consultant
  • Infosys enables clients in more than 50 countries to outperform the competition and stay ahead of the innovation curve. With $10.2 billion in revenue and 200,000+ employees, Infosys helps enterprises transform in a changing world through strategic consulting, operational leadership, and co-creation of breakthrough solutions, including those in mobility, sustainability, big data, and cloud computing.

    As an AWS Partner offering consulting services and an AWS Managed Service Provider Partner, Infosys offers integrated consulting and technology solutions that take advantage of the flexibility and economics of the cloud, where IT and business services are delivered on demand. Through partnership with customers, Infosys ensures that you receive the right expertise and tools for migration, transformation, and management of workloads on the cloud while creating successful businesses built on AWS. Infosys brings together AWS capabilities needed to optimize and drive customers’ business and IT priorities with cloud competencies—right from foundational layers to the portfolio of applications as services. Infosys has delivered over 100 cloud engagements.

    Infosys has achieved the AWS Data & Analytics, AWS DevOps, AWS Migration, and AWS Digital Customer Experience Competencies.

  • Architecture diagram

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