Infosys Cloud Infrastructure Validation (ICIV)

ICIV platform helps with cloud-readiness and non-functional validation on AWS cloud

Organizations are migrating application workloads onto cloud for efficient business operations. Cloud provides scalable computing resources, tight security standards, fast data back-up and restoration, and several other features. With many cloud service providers in the marketplace, it is essential to have a cloud-agnostic platform for cloud infrastructure validation. This is particularly important for organizations that grapple with:

  • Limited understanding of landscape complexity
  • Delayed delivery timelines due to inadequate testing
  • Incorrect or untested workload migration patterns owing to:
    • Incorrect set-up of foundation and landing zones
    • Automation tooling compatibility and integration issues
    • Absence of functional test scripts
    • Inability to meet performance expectations on cloud
    • Data model design issues
  • Vendor lock- in due to single cloud provider dependency

With the Infosys Cloud Infrastructure Validation (ICIV) platform, part of Infosys Cobalt, organizations can conduct cloud-readiness assessments and non-functional validation for cloud platform builds by making use of innovative technology that is plug-and-play with AWS. It is cloud-agnostic, cost effective, and uses the latest technology for automation testing. This platform combines various tools and reusable code under one umbrella to validate cloud platform for readiness check, monitoring, AI-based trends, predictions, and cloud security.


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Reduction in Manual Efforts

Templatized automation can lead up to 70% Manual Effort reduction on validation of platform config.

Reduction of test cycle

> 30% reduction of test cycle with the help of inbuilt test orchestration & parallel execution.

Reduction in test reporting

80% reduction in test reporting with online and offline interactive reports and dashboards.

Reduction in integration efforts

Shift left apporach for infrastructure validation in CICD pipeline.

  • How it works
  • With the Infosys Cloud Infrastructure Validation (ICIV) consulting offer, Infosys offers a full consulting engagement for cloud infrastructure validation to help with digital transformation programs for cloud migration or cloud native development programs. It will help organization to perform cloud readiness checks, non-functional validations. This is a cloud agnostic; low code platform that easily integrates with DevSecOps pipeline for automated validation.

    At the start of this consulting engagement, Infosys will work with your organization to understand your cloud journey, set up an initial meeting with key stakeholders to identify the quality assurance opportunity, and share input on the best applicability of different type of validations.

    Cloud Infrastructure validation supports below capabilities

    • Cloud Readiness Validation – Infosys will help you to validate cloud configuration for different service. ICIV will cover Pre-defined templates (23 cloud services), Over 350 check points, Interactive test results and integrated defect management
    • Infrastructure Monitoring – ICIV can be leveraged for monitoring resources and containers running in different EC2 machines, and offers observability from logs. It allows setting alerts for any breach of threshold limits. It also performs trend analysis for seasonality checks and provides AI based prediction for effective planning.
    • Chaos engineering for cloud infrastructure – ICIV offers you to improve reliability at every layer of your system with easy, safe emulation of chaos attacks. It covers various chaos scenarios like CPU attack, Memory bloating, Disk flooding, Network delay simulation, Process (fake death) and Container-level experiments.
    • Cloud Infra Security and compliance – ICIV supports early identification of misconfigurations and security risks in the cloud infrastructure. Compliance validation support for standards like Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Center for Internet Security (CIS, CIS1, CIS2) and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). It also supports handling of false positive cases.

    ICIV provides static code analysis by scanning infrastructure as code (IaC) files for
    misconfigurations that may lead to security or compliance issues. This includes support for Terraform, AWS CloudFormation and AWS SAM templates.

  • Key activities
  • 1) Due diligence

    Infosys team will analyze and understand your current infrastructure landscape and security requirements.

    2) Identifying use cases

    Finalize the appropriate use case capabilities for cloud infrastructure validations.

    3) Deployment

    Based on your target environment, relevant ICIV capabilities will be deployed.

    4) Quick training

    Enable core team to perform tests and further maintenance by providing relevant documentation.

  • Customer contribution
  • Provide infrastructure access

    Infosys team to be provided access to your infrastructure and services needed for ICIV capabilities identified.

    Define various roles

    Identify different roles and user groups that will be accessing the solution.

    Make SMEs available

    Infosys will share any clarifications or support on logistics and business queries with the appropriate SMEs.

    Provide certification details

    Provide details of any specific compliance standards your organization needs to meet.

  • About this consultant
  • Infosys enables clients in more than 50 countries to outperform the competition and stay ahead of the innovation curve. With $14 billion in revenue and 250,000+ employees, Infosys helps enterprises transform in a changing world through strategic consulting, operational leadership, and co-creation of breakthrough solutions, including those in mobility, sustainability, big data, and cloud computing.

    As an AWS Partner offering consulting services and an AWS Managed Service Provider Partner, Infosys offers integrated consulting and technology solutions that take advantage of the flexibility and economics of the cloud, where IT and business services are delivered on demand. Through partnership with customers, Infosys ensures that you receive the right expertise and tools for migration, transformation, and management of workloads on the cloud while creating successful businesses built on AWS. Infosys brings together AWS capabilities needed to optimize and drive customers’ business and IT priorities with cloud competencies right from foundational layers to the portfolio of applications as services. Infosys has delivered over 100 cloud engagements.

    Infosys has achieved the AWS Infrastructure validation, monitoring of EC2 instances, Chaos engineering at various level, security and compliances for different AWS services and AWS DevOps competencies.

  • Architecture diagram

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