Infosys's Genome Solution is a deep domain data management and analytical platform helps to drive analytics

Many enterprises struggle in their cloud journey due to process-based data fragmentation, new-age data sources, and data and analytics life cycle management. Siloed data across sales, marketing, and operations make it difficult to create a unified view of data in an accelerated manner; pre-aggregated data limits the ability to dynamically create new behavioral attributes. Existing enterprise data structures are often unable to wrangle new age data sources such as digital, social, and external.
Infosys Genome Solution is a deep domain data management and analytical platform that helps to drive analytics across the enterprise at the speed of data and thought for high impact business outcomes in multiple industries. The solution builds entity-centric prefabricated behavioral attributes by collating both internal and external data which address 70% of data science (AI/ML) use cases and about 80-90% of reporting insights to help embed intelligence in sales, marketing, customer journey, and operational processes across channels in an accelerated manner. It is built using open-source stack and integrates seamlessly AWS Cloud-native data stores and services.

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Unified domain data model

Prefabricated data structures and analytics features for visualization and advance modeling.


A productivity leap of up to 60% in the data science life cycle.

Reduced total cost of ownership

Up to a 70% reduction in TCO compared to a traditional data warehouse and business intelligence solutions.

Loosely coupled architecture

Simplifies integration with customers' existing investments into analytical and visualization tools.

  • How it works
  • Infosys's Genome Solution is a holistic offering that helps enterprises understand enterprise DNA—multi-dimensional behaviors across both internal and external interactions—to contextualize insights at the point of interaction. Genome Solution uses native cloud components to enable creation of networked entity behavior (an analytical data warehouse) in a data intelligence grid to build a self-service-driven and entity-centric foundation for exploratory, predictive, and prescriptive analytics.

    Infosys leverages proprietary Re-Imagine, Industrialize, Optimize (RIO) framework for customer deployments. This framework primarily consists of 3 phases: 

    This phase involves assessment of customer’s data and analytics landscape, needs, and business priorities followed by solution blueprinting for the future state involving architecture definition, tool evaluation, roadmap creation, use case identification, and business value articulation.

    This phase is primarily focused on laying the foundational capabilities required for realizing the blueprint created as part of the Reimagine phase. The primary activities involved in this phase include:
    • Deployment of the various technology components identified as part of the architecture blueprint including Genome
    • Integrating Genome with the customer centric data sources
    • Customizing Genome solution data model as per customer specific needs
    • Building data pipelines to load Genome data model
    • Training and enablement
    • Pilot project support

    The optimize phase helps our customers to execute in a hyper-agile fashion, leveraging a lean organization. The primary activities involved in this phase include:
    • Implementation of agile DevOps processes around Genome pipelines
    • Automation of Genome operational tasks such as monitoring, failover, restart ability, and more

  • Key activities
  • 1) Use case identification

    Identify the use cases, data sources, and attributes to be modeled in Genome Solution.

    2) Data mapping

    Mapping of customer data attributes to the Genome Solution data model.

    3) KPI creation

    Creation of additional KPIs in Genome Solution based on use cases.

    4) Production deployment

    Deploy the customized solution and productionize.

  • Customer contribution
  • SME availablility

    Availability of business and technical SMEs for requirements gathering and requirements workshops.

    AWS account

    AWS account and infrastructure provisioning.

  • About this consultant
  • Infosys specializes in next-generation digital services and consulting and enables customers in more than 50 countries to navigate their digital transformation. With nearly four decades of experience in managing the systems and workings of global enterprises, Infosys expertly steers its customers through their digital journey. Infosys enables enterprises with an AI-powered core that helps prioritize the execution of change. Infosys also empowers the business with agile digital at scale to deliver unprecedented levels of performance and customer delight. Infosys consultants' always-on learning agenda drives customers' continuous improvement through building and transferring digital skills, expertise, and ideas from the Infosys innovation ecosystem.

    Infosys is an AWS Premier Partner offering consulting services and an AWS Managed Service Provider Partner, and has achieved the AWS Data & Analytics and AWS DevOps Competencies, among others. It offers integrated consulting and technology solutions where IT and business services are delivered on demand using cloud technologies. Infosys ensures that customers receive the right expertise and tools for migration, transformation, and management of workloads on the AWS Cloud, building successful businesses in the process.

    Leveraging Infosys Cobalt, a set of services, solutions, and platforms for enterprises to accelerate their cloud journey, Infosys brings together AWS capabilities needed to drive customers’ business and IT priorities through comprehensive cloud offerings—from setting up the foundational layers to managing the complete infrastructure and application stack. Infosys's proven suite of AWS services, industry blueprints, and platforms, together with Infosys consultants' experience in successfully completing hundreds of cloud transformation programs, have enabled enterprises to increase business agility and improve the resilience of their IT landscape.

  • Architecture diagram

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