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Itoc’s Cloud Foundation consulting offer delivers a best practice, secure, and flexible foundation AWS environment for customers that don’t have the depth of skills yet or the capacity internally to build their own. Whether you need to improve the implementation of your current AWS solution or build a new greenfield environment, Itoc will walk you through everything—no prior experience required.

Based on lessons learned from over one hundred successful engagements and aligned with the AWS Well-Architected Framework, Cloud Foundation brings together everything required for a successful outcome. With a typical Cloud Foundation solution taking two to four weeks, Itoc helps customers realize the benefits of the AWS Cloud quickly and effectively.

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Application ready

Flexible and scalable AWS capability built ready for any workload suits legacy and cloud-native environments.

Cloud security & compliance

Comprehensive security to protect your data and compliance for CIS, ISO 27001, CSA, PCI-DSS, and APRA guidelines.

Cloud strategy & economics

We keep you ahead in the cloud providing inbuilt cost efficiency, management, and proactive billing alerts.

Cloud automation & DevOps

We ensure your foundation is DevOps ready with infrastructure as code and automation or management via the AWS Management Console.

  • How it works
  • In the initial stage of Cloud Foundation, Itoc brings your team together for a Discovery Workshop to assess your current state and identify key requirements, concerns, and constraints for your AWS environment. Don’t worry if you don’t know what you need or how to explain it—Itoc has successfully helped dozens of customers to get moving.

    Once Itoc has completed the assessment, Itoc works as closely with your team as you prefer to define your AWS environment, leveraging Itoc's best practice architecture and design blueprints. Itoc's team of expert engineers will combine all the right AWS products to build your AWS environment, ensuring that your business can get results faster without having to learn the hard way.

    It only takes four weeks end-to-end to deliver a secure and flexible foundation AWS environment ready for any workload. Once your Cloud Foundation environment has been built to best practice, Itoc hands it over to your team including a detailed walkthrough and comprehensive As-Built documentation.
  • Key activities
  • 1) Assessment

    Itoc begins with a Discovery Workshop to assess your current state and identify key requirements.

    2) Design

    Itoc works closely with your team to design your environment, leveraging Itoc's comprehensive AWS experience.

    3) Construction

    Itoc builds your AWS environment, prioritizing efficiency and ease for your team.

    4) Handover

    Itoc hands over your best practice AWS environment along with a detailed walkthrough and documentation.

  • Customer contribution
  • Key Requirements

    Work with Itoc's engineers to uncover your priorities.


    Coordinate with Itoc as it designs and constructs your environment.


    Take control of your best practice AWS environment.

  • About this consultant
  • With Itoc cloud services, you can gain rapid competitive advantage and grow your digital business in the cloud. As an AWS Partner offering consulting services, with the AWS DevOps, Security, SaaS, and Financial Services Competencies, Itoc has extensive experience in delivering successful cloud projects, with over two hundred under its belt. Itoc has successfully helped dozens of customers build out their foundational AWS environment. Its team of AWS experts will ensure that you complete your move to the cloud safely and get results fast.

    Itoc partners with customers to fast-track their AWS best practice implementation at every stage of their cloud journey, from Cloud Foundation through Digital Innovation. Itoc helps its customers differentiate and disrupt by architecting, implementing, and managing AWS Cloud solutions that underpin and drive innovation in their business. Itoc blends the best of enterprise IT with the latest cloud strategies and techniques so that you can focus on your core business.

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Itoc has demonstrated deep AWS technical expertise and proven customer success.

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