superwerker - Automated AWS Best Practices

Open source automates the setup of AWS cloud environments with prescriptive best practices

superwerker is for organizations who want to get started with the AWS Cloud quickly without investing in consultants or devoting time to extensive research. superwerker is a free, open-source solution that lets you quickly set up an AWS Cloud environment following best practices for security and efficiency so you can focus on your core business. It is built by AWS Partners who have decades of experience setting up and automating cloud environments. 
Companies of all sizes can benefit from deploying with superwerker. Startups and small-to-medium businesses can especially benefit when time-to-market and financial aspects are concerns. Regardless of company size, superwerker lets you run your business without spending excess time setting up and maintaining your AWS Cloud environment.

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Zero upfront costs

No need to invest in any services upfront.

Immediate start

Directly start without the need to wait for legal red-tape or purchasing processes.

Near-zero maintenance costs

The solution is continuously improved by the vendor and the community.

Open source

Completely open source for you to review and contribute.

  • How it works
  • superwerker gives you a jump start: the open source solution from kreuzwerker and superluminar provides a free framework for quick and easy entry into the AWS world. With that, customers will find the bundled knowledge from years of AWS experience of the two AWS Partners in order to set up an efficient AWS organization fully automatically with best practices and keep it secure and up-to-date. superwerker also provides explanations for every step and every decision. In this way, customers not only receive a complete AWS setup, but also direct entry points into the most important topics.

    The installation of superwerker runs on a one-click CloudFormation template, which sets up all basic services. After installation, superwerker offers lively documentation with a status overview and references, for example to the notification center or security status. With a jump start, customers can create new AWS accounts and immediately use the AWS Cloud in a secure and agile manner. 

  • Key activities
  • 1) Control Tower

    Control Tower for a secure multi-account setup.

    2) Security Hub

    Security Hub for continuous monitoring of security best practices.

    3) Guard Duty

    Guard Duty for continuous threat detection.

    4) AWS Backup

    AWS Backup for an automatic backup of databases, volumes, and file systems.

    5) Billing and Budget Setup

    Billing and budget setup for cost management and all associated processes.

    6) Preventive Guardrails

    Preventive Guardrails to protect the infrastructure.

    7) Quickstart Dashboard

    Quickstart Dashboard for quick and easy overviews of the AWS and superwerker status as well as important link.

    8) SSM OpsCenter/Items

    SSM OpsCenter/Items as a uniform and global notification tool.

  • Customer contribution
  • Account access

    You need to have root account access in order to deploy a new superwerker-based landing zone.

    Subject-matter experts

    Access to subject-matter experts who will make decisions moving forward.

  • About this consultant
  • About kreuzwerker

    kreuzwerker GmbH is a full-stack software consulting company founded in 2010. It has been an AWS Partner offering consulting services since 2015 and was the first DACH APN partner to acquire the new AWS APN DevOps competence. kreuzwerker experts have integrated native cloud software development for hundreds of customers in startup, SME, and corporate environments.

    About superluminar

    superluminar GmbH, founded in Hamburg in 2017, is a cloud consulting boutique specialized in AWS and known for authentic hands-on consulting. superluminar advises startups, media houses and MDAX companies. As an AWS Partner, superluminar works closely with AWS and other partners from the AWS eco-system.

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kreuzwerker's AWS validated qualifications, customer references, and office locations.

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kreuzwerker has demonstrated deep AWS technical expertise and proven customer success.

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