High-Governance Foundation with AWS Control Tower

Simplify set-up and governance of a new multi-account AWS environment using AWS Control Tower.

If you’re planning an AWS migration across multiple applications, teams, or SaaS tenants, you’re probably wondering how to govern and orchestrate multiple sets of resources. How do you make sure that each set of resources stays isolated without your accounts turning into sprawling, ungoverned chaos?

For many companies, a multi-account architecture can help you meet the unique needs of each application, business unit, or SaaS tenant. Logicworks can help you architect and build a multi-account cloud foundation using AWS Control Tower, which will include networking, central governance tools, and automated configurations to help accelerate your AWS migration project.

Logicworks' High-Governance Foundation with AWS Control Tower consulting offer is ideal for any high-governance workload, and has already been used in dozens of deployments for healthcare, financial services, and SaaS companies. The solution can include setting appropriate account and network baselines, building a secure Amazon Machine Image and CI/CD pipeline, configuring 3rd party security tools and centralized logging, and other governance tasks.


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Strong central governance

Apply guardrails and enforce consistent policies across multiple AWS accounts.

Automated account creation

Launch new accounts with guardrails and detective controls.

Faster time to migration

Save months of time designing, building, and automating multi-account architectures.

  • How it works
  • Developed from years of experience building secure cloud solutions, Logicworks' consulting offer High-Governance Cloud Foundation with AWS Control Tower accelerates the design and build-out of cloud architecture that can scale to support multiple teams, applications, or tenants.

    This solution is built using AWS Control Tower, a service that simplifies the configuration and management of multiple accounts. The process starts with a thorough assessment of your existing cloud or on-premises architecture and includes a design process to map networks and management resources, followed by a build-out and test of the architecture.

    Logicworks can help you integrate any necessary third-party tools, including intrusion detection, malware protection, anti-virus, incident response, and more. At the end of this process, you'll be given the keys to a secure, scalable, multi-account architecture, and central management plane that's preconfigured with your unique security requirements and allows you to easily add new accounts with these security guardrails built in.

    Logicworks can either set up the architecture for a single proof-of-concept application or migrate multiple applications, tenants, and business units to the architecture.

  • Key activities
  • 1) Assessment

    Review your existing architecture, governance requirements, and timelines.

    2) Design

    Design the target AWS Control Tower solution, including customizations such as networking and user access.

    3) Build

    Build the target AWS Control Tower solution.

    4) Migration and testing

    Migrate your application(s) and data to the target architecture and test resiliency, security, and performance.

    5) Optional management

    Rely on Logicworks' Managed Services team to monitor, patch, and maintain your infrastructure 24x7.

  • Customer contribution
  • Technical discovery

    In-depth sessions with different stakeholders, including security, operations, and developers.

    Ongoing engagement

    During the build process, Logicworks will work collaboratively with your team to customize the solution.

    Migration and testing

    Migration requires both Logicworks and in-house development teams to test, refine, and launch.

  • About this consultant
  • Logicworks is an AWS Partner offering consulting services and an AWS Managed Service Provider Partner who has achieved the AWS Migration and AWS Healthcare Competencies, among others.

    With nearly a decade of experience helping 400+ companies succeed on AWS, Logicworks specializes in helping companies in highly regulated industries such as healthcare, financial services, and software-as-a-service to innovate on AWS. Their platform and services are annually audited for HITRUST, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOC1, SOC2, and ISO 27001. Logicworks was named a Leader in the Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud Professional and Managed Services, Worldwide.

    Logicworks' unique approach to cloud migration and operations enables companies to maintain security and compliance without compromising on innovation and agility. Their expertise in cloud automation and policy-as-code ensures that companies can move faster while reducing risk.

  • Architecture diagram

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