WorkSpaces Manager for Amazon WorkSpaces

Simplify the management of Amazon WorkSpaces through automation and integration

If you have deployed Amazon WorkSpaces and are looking for a way to simplify administration and reduce costs, then the WorkSpaces Manager (WSM) for Amazon WorkSpaces engagement is for you. Created back in 2017, Nuvens's constantly evolving WSM platform will provide you greater visibility into your Amazon WorkSpaces investment, automation of day-to-day administrative processes, and integration with your existing application delivery mechanisms and service desk platform.

WSM is a comprehensive tool to help you onboard and manage your Amazon WorkSpaces at scale. WSM provides you a deeper understanding of users' behavior to help ensure that your Amazon WorkSpaces estate is securely optimized for cost and performance.


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Simplify the onboarding of users

Quickly create WorkSpaces through WSM or by adding a user to an active directory (AD) group.

Reduce help desk calls

Reduce call volume through automation of administration tasks and the WSM self-service portal.

Cost optimization

Real time right-sizing of Amazon WorkSpaces and intelligent switching between cost modes.

Understand a user's behavior

Quickly query a user's WorkSpaces login and logoff times including idle time and location of a user.

  • How it works
  • Nuvens's WSM engagement is aimed at existing Amazon WorkSpaces customers looking to optimize and automate their Amazon WorkSpaces implementation. WSM is ideal for customers looking to reduce the day-to-day management of their Amazon WorkSpaces estate, while ensuring the investment is cost optimized. As part of the consulting offer, Nuvens will look at all areas of the existing implementation, working with the customer to understand their current pain points and address these through automation of the administration, integration into existing support mechanisms, and right-sizing the Amazon WorkSpaces estate to ensure cost efficiency.

    During the first workshop, Nuvens will look to understand where the customer is in their Amazon WorkSpaces journey. Whether they are looking to optimize their existing estate, or to develop the building blocks to expand this further in the future, Nuvens will look to educate the customer as to what can be achieved with the solution including simplifying management, empowering users with self-service, and automating workflow processes.

    Nuvens will deploy WSM within the customer's environment. WSM gathers over 200 data points about the existing Amazon WorkSpaces estate and provides instant cost-saving recommendations. WSM also provides the foundations for reducing administration time for managing Amazon WorkSpaces and the integration into a customer's existing services management tools. During this phase, Nuvens will demonstrate how to use WSM to simplify the deployment of Amazon WorkSpaces by adding users to AD groups. Nuvens will demonstrate how to secure the footprint further through granular security roles provided by WSM and by setting up administration tasks to automatically reboot unhealthy WorkSpaces, delete unused WorkSpaces, and reboot at a convenient time to ensure patching and maintenance occurs.

    Once the customer has test-driven WSM for 30 days, if there is any additional functionality the customer would like to see in the solution, Nuvens will work with them to meet these needs.

  • Key activities
  • 1) Virtual walkthrough

    Nuvens will investigate your current pain points and suggest how the offer can address them.

    2) Discovery phase

    Nuvens will deploy WSM within your environment to start the review process.

    3) Follow-up workshop

    Nuvens will help you understand your data and optimization options.

    4) Integration with existing processes

    Nuvens will connect the tools that you currently use for user support and application delivery.

    5) Monthly EUC workshops

    A monthly, 1-hour session to discuss your end-user computing (EUC) roadmap and new features of the solution.

  • Customer contribution
  • Your end-user computing vision

    Nuvens will translate your requirements to deliver the right desktop-as-a-service solution for your environment.

    Your business workflows

    By understanding your approval processes, Nuvens will help you automate these workflows.

    Your challenges

    Nuvens has seen many challenges and loves to find and solve new ones.

  • About this consultant
  • As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner that has achieved the AWS Digital Workplace Competency, Nuvens Consulting specializes in Amazon WorkSpaces and Amazon AppStream 2.0 to help customers move their desktop and applications to the AWS Cloud.

    Nuvens consultants assist customers with a best-practice deployment of Amazon WorkSpaces, and they also provide preconfigured building blocks to create a highly automated and practical Amazon WorkSpaces deployment. Nuvens delivers a feature-rich Amazon WorkSpaces solution integrated with the vendors and support mechanisms you already use.

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