Serverless IoT Platform Accelerator

Modernize your IoT backend with serverless ingestion pipelines to accelerate data flow and monitoring metrics

There will be over 25 billion connected devices in use by 2021. As IoT is embraced across industry segments, the difference between the innovators and the followers often comes down to who can bring their solution to market first. Connected devices inherently have a great deal of complexity and customization, which often leads to cycles lost on lessons learned and increased time-to-market. To give customers a competitive edge in IoT, Onica, a Rackspace Technology Company, has developed a collection of accelerators to jump-start clients' connected device projects.

Onica’s Serverless IoT Platform Accelerator leverages a cloud configuration tool that codifies best practices to build a serverless IoT backend on AWS. Utilizing native AWS services—including automation with AWS CloudFormation—it provides an accelerated pathway to production without compromising the flexibility required for each customer’s unique business. It solves the undifferentiated problems associated with common patterns in implementation around data ingestion, storage, and monitoring of IoT devices. With this accelerator, customers can gain intelligence from their IoT data within five minutes of deploying resources.


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Accelerated Deployment

Save weeks of development time writing and testing AWS CloudFormation templates and code

Fast-Track to Production

Simplifies the deployment of IoT ingestion pipelines with templates and automation

Proven Best Practices

Built on battle-tested best practices from years of IoT deployments

Access Actionable Insights

Gain intelligence from your connected devices' data instantly with Onica's accelerator

  • How it works
  • Developed from years of experience with production-grade IoT solution deployments, Onica’s Serverless IoT Platform Accelerator leverages a cloud configuration tool that codifies best practices in building a serverless IoT backend on AWS. It offers an accelerated pathway from ideation to production without compromising the bespoke requirements of each customer’s unique business by utilizing native AWS services—including automation with AWS CloudFormation.

    The accelerator reduces development time by freeing you from defining backend logic and writing and testing code, allowing you to focus on your business use cases and desired outcomes. The accelerator also addresses one of the gaps often found when deploying things at scale — device monitoring. Through the accelerator, key metrics are pulled from the device and the data is then aggregated to allow you to get meaningful insights into the performance and security of your device if it is sending too much or too little data.

    The AWS CloudFormation macro processes events and converts them into ready-to-use resources for your fleet of IoT devices. It will help you process messages from your devices, perform transformational logic, and store it in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon DynamoDB, or Amazon Elasticsearch Service (Amazon ES), providing simplified integration points for analytics and machine learning solutions.

  • Key activities
  • 1) Detailed Discovery

    Onica will work with stakeholders to gather requirements and determine steps for a successful configuration.

    2) Cloud Software

    Onica will configure IoT device connectivity and build cloud data capture, correlation, and presentation elements.

    3) Application & Dashboard

    Collaborate on app features, data visualization, notifications, and device controls in a user-friendly interface.

    4) Analytics & Data Science

    Get insights from device data with Onica's predictive and forecasting models built for optimization.

  • Customer contribution
  • Two-Hour Project Discovery Call

    Onica will discuss business objectives and current technology landscape to determine your IoT platform roadmap.

    Ongoing Stakeholder Engagement

    As Onica builds the solution, they'll share progress and request validation from your internal stakeholders.

    Implementation & Feedback

    Onica will implement the solution and capture feedback from users to identify any needs for adjustment.

  • About this consultant
  • Onica, a Rackspace Technology Company, is a born-in-the-cloud, full-spectrum, cloud-native services provider at the forefront of cloud computing. Onica is committed to helping its customers elevate, operate, and innovate in the cloud. As an AWS Partner and audited AWS Managed Service Provider, Onica is all-in on AWS, backed by one of the largest teams in North America dedicated to the AWS Cloud with over 400 consultants, 1,600 AWS Certifications, and 14 AWS Competencies.

    With proven expertise and award-winning delivery practices, Onica brings its customers a wide range of capabilities including AWS Cloud adoption and migration, operations and cost optimization, cloud-native development and application modernization, data engineering and analytics, IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and immersive cloud transformation strategy.

    Onica helps its customers solve the most complex and transformative cloud projects to build new revenue streams, increase efficiency, and deliver incredible customer experiences. Onica's approach focuses on results (not PowerPoints) as it helps you build a foundation for ongoing success in the cloud.

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