Use AI to reduce manual labor and unlock value through extraction, classification, and discovery of your data

A recent study estimated that as much as 52% of all data stored globally has unknown, unrealized value. Human capital is too valuable to spend time on manual processes such as extracting content from unstructured data. The automation of tedious and error-prone work can free up smart people to do higher-level work. Document lookup and data extraction, classification, and structuring are examples of common use cases across many fields: in healthcare for unstructured patient notes, in manufacturing for engineering drawings, in legal for case documents, and in financial services for tax and insurance documents.

Knowledge work is a high-value domain that benefits greatly from improvements in this area, and AWS’s suite of AI services provide the fast, scalable, and cost-effective tooling to help organizations effectively redistribute brainpower to higher-order tasks. Pariveda offers a custom serverless solution that leverages AWS’s suite of AI technologies such as Amazon Comprehend Medical, Amazon Textract, and Amazon Transcribe to extract structured information from your unstructured data and improve processes around your most labor intensive activities.

For example, Knowledge Work Automator can be used to aid clinicians by enhancing provider decision-making systems with a richer data set, including symptoms, signs, and diagnoses found only in unstructured notes.


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Unlock Rich Value

Tap into your organization’s underutilized data reservoir for key insights.

Reimagine Excellence

Elevate the contributions of knowledge work to new heights.

Fast Results

Realize benefits in weeks not months.

  • How it works
  • The first stage in Pariveda's deployment is discovery and process identification, when its team works with your team to determine which processes include unnecessary manual steps and present the most potential value. Pariveda considers what types of data sources are included and what costs are associated with human processing of that data to assess whether Knowledge Work Automator can alleviate those costs. In building a deployment plan and reference architecture, Pariveda accounts for which AI services are the best fit, and the nature of all operational, security, reliability, performance, and cost considerations.

    As development against the target use case and reference architecture begins, Pariveda adds focus on change management, communication planning, training, and enablement. Pariveda identifies the best holistic approach to integrating and introducing the solution into your organizational systems, roles, and accountabilities. Depending on your organization, Pariveda may take a multi-pronged approach to training and enablement including white-glove and self-service approaches.

  • Key activities
  • 1) Use Case Workshop

    Collaborative session with stakeholders to determine highest-value use cases.

    2) Project Execution

    Iterative build-out of working data extraction.

    3) Change Management

    Change management and communication planning activities to ensure adoption.

    4) Iterative Ramp-Up

    Construction and scaling of secure, compliant, production-ready system within your environment.

  • Customer contribution
  • Leadership and Team Collaboration

    Appointment of project sponsor, technical, and business personnel.

    Facilities, Systems, and Security Access

    Access to facilities, systems, and unstructured/required data sources as required for use case. Can be done fully remotely as needed.

  • About this consultant
  • Pariveda Solutions is an AWS Partner with Machine Learning and Data & Analytics Competencies.

    Pariveda Solutions is a leading management and technology consulting firm specializing in improving clients’ performance through strategic consulting and the innovative use of technology. Its cloud services include solution architecture, cloud application delivery, big data solutions, mobile/IoT, DevOps automation, data center transformation, and cloud advisory services.

  • Architecture diagram

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Pariveda - Uncovering Dark Data

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