Create an efficient, effective supply chain with AI

In retail, managing a slick supply chain is critical to fulfilling the needs of your customers and maximizing business efficiency, but it’s not easy. Modern supply chains are increasingly complex, bottlenecks and inefficiencies are extremely challenging, and businesses have ambitious sustainability targets that they must meet.

Supply AI helps businesses smarten up their supply chains, powering intelligent decision making in order to meet customer expectations. With thousands of SKUs and complex distribution processes, making sense of all the data available is impossible to do manually. By introducing Supply AI into your supply chain and logistics operations, you can quickly eliminate bottlenecks and increase efficiency, driving value from your data to reduce costs.

Supply AI has been built to deliver outcomes across a retail business’s supply chain and operations functions. It helps businesses fulfill demand at the lowest cost, by leveraging data from across the value chain to automatically understand the fulfillment requirements of individual products. It allows retailers to optimize their warehouses and increase logistics efficiency.


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Improve warehouse processes

Streamline your warehouse. Enhance key areas like pick-face optimization and order release management.

Optimize warehouse and DC resourcing

Plan and manage your workforce, reducing over-staffing costs while ensuring you still cope with demand.

Reduce logistics costs

Fulfill demand in the most cost-effective manner. Reduce journeys and maximize truck capacity.

  • How it works
  • Supply AI has been designed to help businesses fulfill demand at the lowest cost by leveraging data to automatically understand the fulfillment requirements of individual products. This can help you optimize your warehouse or distribution center; plan workforce requirements correctly and rationalize your logistics to fulfill orders at the lowest cost; and improve efficiencies and drive profitability.

    Peak’s team of data scientists and supply chain experts will leverage and unify data from across your business. For instance, this could be your enterprise resource planning (ERP), finance, warehouse management software (WMS), workforce scheduling, or third-party logistics system.

    This more holistic view of your data is known as the Predictive Supply View, unifying product and demand data and then automatically generating thousands of AI-driven predictions and recommendations to classify products and forecast future demand. It can accurately classify and forecast orders at SKU-level, and the impact of their fulfillment on the supply chain. From here, further AI solutions can be implemented to help drive tangible outcomes across a business’s warehouse, fulfillment, and logistics operations.

    Supply AI provides outcomes and recommendations via customizable apps and dashboards, which can be tailored by warehousing and transporting teams. These provide the teams with intelligent recommendations to drive optimized processes in a wide range of areas across the warehouse—from picking and packing to labor planning—and in logistics. The solution can be configured by the Peak team to meet your business’s needs, with outputs then integrated back into your existing systems.

  • Key activities
  • 1) Opportunity identification

    Peak will understand your business objectives and help you identify and prioritize your AI opportunity.

    2) Data analysis

    Leveraging a sample of your data, Peak's team of AI consultants can build an evidence-based case for AI.

    3) Business case

    Working closely with you, Peak agrees on the exact scope and pricing to build a business case for sign-off.

    4) Kick-off

    Agree to kick-off date, meet onboarding team, prepare to operationalize AI.

    5) Onboarding

    Peak’s team helps you to configure the AI system and solutions to your individual business needs.

    6) Live service

    Peak's customer success managers will ensure the system becomes fully operational and delivers results.

  • Customer contribution
  • Leveraging your data

    You will need to provide Peak with access to data to help quantify the opportunity.

    Agreeing to the scope

    Peak will work closely with your team to build a specific business case for your sign-off.

    Project kick-off

    Peak will arrange a project kick-off session, attended by your team.

  • About this consultant
  • Peak is a pioneering artificial intelligence company that helps businesses grow and become more profitable using data, AI, and machine learning. Founded in 2014, Peak has grown rapidly and has secured over $18.5 million in funding to date to support its ongoing investment in AI technologies and accelerate sales growth.

    GP Bullhound recognizes Peak as one of the fastest-growing tech companies in the UK. The company runs its solutions on the AWS and is an AWS Partner with AWS Retail and AWS Machine Learning Competencies.

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