Intelligent SAP Migration and Management on AWS

Quickly migrate and efficiently run SAP applications on AWS with Protera FlexBridge®

Many organizations currently running SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP) are planning on transitioning to SAP HANA or SAP S/4 HANA on AWS. As they consider this transition, customers often look to a trusted advisor with proven methods to navigate the current tools, best practices, and key learnings necessary to implement and migrate complex SAP architectures. With the Intelligent SAP Migration and Management on AWS offering, Protera helps organizations plan the SAP transformation journey that best meets their objectives.

When you contract with Protera to deliver the Intelligent SAP Migration and Management on AWS offering, Protera will use the Protera FlexBridge® platform to speed up your migration, reduce your project risk, and run your SAP environment more efficiently on AWS. From automated risk assessment in your current SAP and non-SAP environments to optimized architecture and AWS cost prediction, you'll see a more accurate picture of your future SAP environment on AWS. Protera's Intelligent SAP Migration and Management on AWS offering gives you access to a single real-time view of SAP and AWS quality and performance metrics, powerful automations, and 24x7 support from Protera's SAP experts with decades of experience.


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Faster response to business changes

Powerful automation simplifies and streamlines tasks to keep your modern SAP operations optimized.

Reduced operational cost

Analyze your SAP and related systems, design the most efficient architecture, and keep costs down.

Improved security and reliability

Protera FlexBridge® solutions are based on up-to-date security and reliability best practices.

  • How it works
  • As one of the first organizations to build SAP environments on AWS, Protera has developed a smarter way to migrate and manage SAP on AWS. The powerful platform Protera FlexBridge® combines the most up-to-date knowledge of both SAP and AWS. The Intelligent SAP Migration and Management on AWS platform Protera FlexBridge® is optimized for running SAP environments and connected applications on AWS.

    Protera FlexBridge® is a SaaS-delivered intelligent migration and management platform developed by Protera that accelerates and optimizes SAP transformations and cloud applications management. It uses proprietary rules engines, intelligent agents, and intelligent sensing and discovery to reduce errors, speed execution time, increase scale, predict outcomes, and make more informed decisions on typical migration and applications management tasks.

    Using Protera FlexBridge®, customers have reduced the complexity, cost, and downtime of SAP cloud migrations by up to 70% by leveraging the powerful migration assessment and execution rules to rapidly validate architecture design options and eliminate manual deployment time and errors.

    Once your SAP environment is running on AWS, you get access to these powerful features:

    • Protera FlexBridge® Run Dashboard - to quickly view status at a glance and see problem areas and drill down into correlated details
    • System visualizer - to easily manage large, complex systems
    • System manager - for faster, repeatable, higher-quality starts/stops and patching that avoids underlying configuration complexity
    • Availability optimizer - which keeps your systems available and up-to-date 
    • Intelligent sensing - which tracks multiple SAP parameters and filters out "noise"
    • Incident Tracker - quickly determine your configuration dynamics and level of service quality
  • Key activities
  • 1) Analyze existing SAP systems

    Automatically analyze existing SAP and non-SAP to identify any issues that might impact your migration.

    2) Design target AWS architecture

    Automatically design AWS architecture based on extensive Protera FlexBridge® library of transformation rules.

    3) Model AWS costs

    Automatically model migration and run costs based on AWS provisioning options.

    4) Design and validate migration plan

    Finalize and validate migration method and timelines.

    5) Provision AWS infrastructure

    Automatically provision AWS infrastructure as defined and validated in previous project phases.

    6) Perform migration

    Execute defined migration plan, supported by Protera FlexBridge® automation rules.

    7) Activate management of SAP on AWS

    View main activity indicators and operation status of SAP systems on AWS in Protera FlexBridge® console.

    8) Optimize SAP operations on AWS

    Tune AWS environment (recommended) to optimize cost, quality, and performance of SAP systems.

  • Customer contribution
  • Provide scope of existing systems

    Provide description of existing systems using standard Protera FlexBridge® discovery template.

    Validate and confirm scope

    Review and confirm analyzed information, proposed AWS architecture, and migration options.

    Participate in project kick-off

    Confirm project timelines, milestones, and resource allocations.

    Give access to source environment

    Provide user access and user rights to source systems and connectivity resources.

    Testing of migrated systems

    Test, validate, and accept sign-off of systems after migration to AWS. 

    Post-migration run 

    Leverage Protera FlexBridge® and Protera support team for continous operational optimization.

  • About this consultant
  • Protera is an AWS SAP Competency Partner certified in hosting, cloud, application management, global outsourcing, and SAP HANA operations services.

    For over 20 years, Protera has been helping organizations running SAP achieve their transformation objectives with improved value, increased quality, and reduced risk. From supporting the very first organization running production SAP on AWS, Protera has been helping organizations optimize how they run SAP.

    With Protera, customers running SAP on AWS have seen up to 5x support process acceleration, implemented real-time performance monitoring, and successfully adopted the latest technology innovations.

    Now, with SAP on AWS services powered by Protera FlexBridge®, organizations can shorten their migrations, optimize their cloud landscapes, manage cloud costs and service levels, and use powerful automations to keep their systems up to date.

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