To rapidly establish and prove the value of a data lake on AWS.

Spotting process anomalies, identifying creeping cost or falling sales trends, even predicting what might happen next, none of this is possible when the access to data is incumbered by siloed platforms and legacy approaches. However, by combining the agile approaches and brain power of Inawisdom, with the power and flexibility of the AWS cloud, data can suddenly become a powerful set of information and a customer's number one business asset.

This rapid engagement leverages Inawisdom's proven skills and experience in data and analytics. Following a jointly identified key use case, Inawisdom selects and extracts the data from source systems into a single secure platform, runs intelligent data analysis and creates key visualizations. After just a few weeks, data driven decisions can be made to enable a clear and concise view of a customer's business.

Along with the rapid Proof of Value, Inawisdom's expert team will also draw out a robust path to production, and a business case for extending the platform, so customers can continue their journey to truly differentiating their businesses for long term success.



United Kingdom, Ireland, UAE, Bahrain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg


Accelerated Data Discovery

Quickly identify business trends from multiple data sources to improve business performance.

Business Insights Visualization

Extract Key Performance Indicators from a single source of truth produced from disparate source data.

Cost Effective Tools and Approaches

Raw data stored in cheapest form with access to vast compute power brought online when needed.

Data operational excellence

Reliable, repeatable, scalable, secure and cost-effective, data storage and access.

  • How it works
  • Spotting process anomalies, identifying creeping cost or falling sales trends, even predicting what might happen next, none of this is possible when the access to data is incumbered by siloed operational platforms and legacy approaches. Inawisdom rapidly creates a data lake to liberate the data that customers already hold and enable new insights into business performance.

    Initially Inawisdom works with customers to uncover the opportunities within their data and understand their requirements and priorities. Inawisdom leverages its accelerator tools to take the time, constraints and complexity out of data extraction, access and transformation that are the barriers to many organizations exploiting their data assets.

    Next, is the rapid provisioning of an Enterprise grade, production capable AWS Landing zone (or leveraging of customer's existing AWS accounts), built to AWS Well-Architected standards and including all the key security monitoring and alerting controls. Following this, the AWS services required for the Data Lake scenario are configured to meet a jointly agreed use case.

    Once the data is ingested, it is catalogued before sanitizing, structuring and enriching (the latter for both the data and the catalogue) as necessary to optimise reporting for the use case. Even as optimization for the use case takes place, the raw data remains available in the Lake, allowing it be exploited in other ways for new use cases in the future.

    Having quickly established the Data Lake, it is then proven via a set of visualizations. Best in class analytics are run to create intelligent dashboards that demonstrate the value in the data and a compelling business case for further expansion of the Data Lake is created.

    Finally, a path for successful productionization following the proof of value is provided so customers can take advantage of the engagement immediately and embed the project outcome in their operations for long term benefits.

  • Key activities
  • 1) Data Discovery Kick Off Workshop

    Opportunity prioritization workshop to confirm what success looks like; data sources identified.

    2) Platform Delivery

    Deploy secure Landing Zone via Inawisdom’s RAMP accelerator.

    3) Data Extraction

    Extract data the from the data sources necessary for the use case into the Data Management Platform.

    4) Data Lake Creation

    Use field-tested approaches and patterns to sanitize and catalogue the data.

    5) Data Curation and Optimization

    Enrichment of the data and updating the data catalogue into a business friendly format ready for business use.

    6) Data Visualization

    Engineer the reports and apply advanced analytics techniques for the agreed analysis goals.

    7) Playback and Business Case

    Seeing your data solution in action, visualizing business insights, extrapolating the potential benefits.

    8) Business Enablement

    Solution handover to your data teams, providing a path to production.

  • Customer contribution
  • Business Use Case(s) Definition

    Help define the relevant business use case(s) based on priorities and KPIs.

    Application License Provision

    Provide licenses for preferred BI tooling if applicable.

    Data Access, Security & Governance

    Providing confirmation of data intent, access to data sources and confirmation of the data security needs.

    Providing confirmation of data intent, access to data sources and confirmation of the data security needs.

    Participate and contribute to defining the business and AWS architecture. Participate in periodic reviews.

    Executive Summary Presentation

    Help assess the final proof of concept, prepare to present an executive summary to stakeholders.

  • About this consultant
  • Inawisdom was founded in 2016 and is a leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). They are specialists in advanced analytics, business intelligence and data science, providing a full-stack of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud and Data Services, from Platform through to engineering and Predictive Analytics. Headquartered in the UK, Inawisdom employs a highly skilled team of experts, working with global organizations across UK and EMEA.

    Inawisdom is an APN Premier Services Partner, and holds AWS competencies in Machine Learning, Data & Analytics, Financial Services, and DevOps. They are an all-in AWS Partner and hold multiple AWS certifications across an experienced team, always working to AWS best practice guidelines and focused on customer success.

    In December 2020, Inawisdom became a Cognizant company.

  • Architecture diagram

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