Digital User Engagement & Analytics with Pinpoint

Integrate email and SMS user engagement through digital applications and get insights on their interactions

Customers often face challenges in integrating communication channels with their application. Also the insights on user interactions is very important to analyze to understand the effectiveness of the communication. Sometimes it is a time-consuming task for customers to integrate Amazon Pinpoint SDK's in an application and using multiple channels with the best practices in accordance with the guidelines issued by regional regulatory authorities (e.g. TRAI in India).
The solution from Rapyder solves the above problems and provides simple-and-ready-to-use APIs to send email and SMS from any application. This solution also helps in automated bounce handling and blocking the emails. Furthermore, it tracks events into a datastore on Amazon S3. The events are including and not limited to email opens, clicks, deliveries, and SMS's success and failure. In addition, customers can configure a dashboard to illustrate user engagement metrics and gain insights on per communication instance.

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Simple and fast integration

The solution will take minimal time to integrate and implement with minimal application changes.

Track every communication

Track and visualize each communication that you send out using automated event database solution.

Monitor and alert on bounce rate

The bounce rate will be regulated as an email can be bounced only once and then it will be blacklisted.

 Multiple channel communication

You will be able to use an email and SMS channel on the same platform.

  • How it works
  • Rapyder enables digital native organizations to accelerate the adoption of cloud technologies in a secure and seamless fashion with best practices. Customer Engagement with Amazon Pinpoint offers better engagement with your customers over multiple channels, including SMS and email for both transactional and marketing communications. Rapyder's pinpoint solution allows you to rapidly integrate the communication channels using Amazon Pinpoint within your application. Rapyder Consultants will help identify the requirements and recommend the desired user experience journey. They then select the best fit communication channels, and support in integrating the communication mechanisms within your application using simple to use APIs. Post analysis of the communications sent will help you immensely in identifying the right strategies and gain insights into your users behaviour. The solution provides a pluggable architecture which enables the integrated with the existing e-commerce or business application using APIs. The APIs abstract away the implementation of Amazon PinPoint and communication intricacies. Finally, using a BI tool to showcase the insight against the multi-channel events that persisted in the low cost Amazon S3.

  • Key activities
  • 1) Scope and design for requirements

    Architects from Rapyder will understand the requirements of the customer.

    2) Setup sender's verification

    Support customers in verifying domain for email and Sender ID for SMS.

    3) Create templates for deployment

    Rapyder will create or modify the template based on the customer requirement and deploy on customer's account.

    4) Support API integration

    Support the customer's IT on the usage of the APIs to send email and SMS.

    5) Deliver

    Deploy the configured solution on AWS.

    6) Go live and support

    Rapyder provides ongoing support with support contracts available.

  • Customer contribution
  • Access to business teams

    Access to business stakeholders to understand requirement and design sign off for templates.

    Domain verification

    Support in domain verification which requires DNS entries with the customer domain provider.

    Sender ID for SMS

    Register a Sender ID and corresponding templates with Vilpower.

    API Integration to your application

    The API needs to be called from application to send emails and SMS. Development team needs to integrate the APIs.

    AWS account access

    Customers must provide Rapyder consultants with access for the duration of the engagement.

  • About this consultant
  • Rapyder is an agile, innovative company that makes cloud work for you. With a young, passionate team and expertise in cloud computing solutions, big data, marketing and commerce, DevOps, and Managed Services, Rapyder specializes in strategic cloud consulting. Solutions provided by Rapyder are seamless, secure, and scalable. With headquarters in Bangalore and a sales and support office in Delhi and Mumbai, it ensures optimal technology solutions to reduce costs, streamline business processes, and gain business advantages for its customers.

  • Architecture diagram

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