Guided replication of servers for disaster recovery from your environment to the cloud

Cloud Disaster Recovery is an automated IT resilience solution that lets you recover your environment from unexpected infrastructure or application outages, data corruption, ransom ware, or other malicious attacks. It utilizes block-level Continuous Data Replication, which ensures that target machines are spun up in their most up-to-date state during a disaster or drill, so that organizations can achieve sub-second recovery point objectives (RPOs). This Continuous Data Replication takes place in a low-cost staging area in AWS to reduce the compute and storage footprint to a minimum. In the event of a disaster, RedNight use's AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery, which triggers a highly automated machine conversion process and a scalable orchestration engine that can spin up machines in the target AWS Region within minutes. This enables organizations to achieve recovery time objectives (RTOs) in minutes.


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Quick and reliable

Recover your on premise and cloud applications within minutes.

Cost effective

Save costs by only paying for your full disaster recovery site when needed.


Elastic recovery allows you to add or remove replicating servers as needed.
  • How it works
  • The Disaster Recovery to the Cloud process includes setting up AWS DRS on your source servers to initiate secure data replication to the cloud. Your data is replicated to a staging area in the cloud. This design reduces cost by using affordable storage and minimal compute resources to maintain ongoing replication.

    RedNight offers an evaluation analysis and will deliver services built around the Elastic Disaster Recovery to replicate on-premise or cloud-based applications of your machines to the cloud. Steps include planning, drilling, monitoring, failover, and failback security practices.

    RedNight's assess-operate-replicate-test formula will help you recover your applications within minutes, and you can choose to keep it in the cloud or initiate data replication back to your site when the disaster is resolved. RedNight's deployment experience will ensure that all points have been considered as part of your Disaster Recovery to the Cloud.  

  • Key activities
  • 1) Assess
    Review your environment.
    2) Operate
    Provision your disaster recovery resources.
    3) Replicate
    Server replication and monitoring.
    4) Test
    Non disruptive recovery and failback drills.
  • Customer contribution
  • Environment

    Administrative access to the server infrastructure.


    Security policy and standard needs for solutions.

    Business Requirements

    Downtime tolerances for the business.


    Discuss cost expectations.

  • About this consultant
  • RedNight is an AWS Partner offering consulting services, and has earned the AWS Digital Workplace Competency and Amazon EC2 for Microsoft Windows Server Delivery designations. RedNight helps guide small- and medium-sized businesses through transitioning data and information structures to the cloud. RedNight helps customers succeed with managed services, infrastructure as a service (IaaS), desktops as a service (DaaS), disaster recovery (DraaS), and cloud solutions, while providing stability, security, and efficiency, now and for the future.

    RedNight's extensive technical and business experience is paramount to achieving customers' goals. RedNight strives to tailor the best possible cloud solution for the unique needs of your company.

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