Proven deployment plan and experienced engineers to accelerate your virtual workspace implementation.

Do you have a new office location or employees who work from home? Are you having difficulty supporting all your desktops in multiple locations or concerns about the security of the devices your users are bringing into the office? These are all problems that can be solved by virtual desktops. Keep your business applications and data isolated from the device that they are being consumed on and allow your users to work from anywhere.

RedNight's Virtual Desktop Accelerator helps companies get started with Amazon WorkSpaces. During this engagement with RedNight, they will walk you through the critical design elements, help you make decisions on features and functions to use, and deploy Amazon WorkSpaces for your organization. Their expert engineers will accelerate your Amazon WorkSpaces deployment and empower you to manage and scale your virtual environment.


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Simplified desktop delivery

With less hardware to manage, eliminate basic tasks and complex infrastructures that don't scale.

Diverse workplaces

Easily manage a mobile, remote, or multi-site workforce with high-performance cloud desktops.

Cost efficiency

On-demand, foreseeable expenses and the opportunity to utilize low cost hardware or a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) system.

Data security

Secure user data with encrypted storage and reduce risks from user behavior.

  • How it works
  • Virtual Desktop Accelerator uses the "Assess-Provision-Build-Deploy" model to implement a custom tailored environment for your first 25 users. RedNight uses the AWS Well-Architected Framework to optimize your Amazon WorkSpaces environment securely.

    The components of the "Assess-Provision-Build-Deploy" Model are:

    Review key business applications, customer locations, authentication requirements, internet connectivity, and existing AWS account structures. In this initial phase, RedNight will confirm all the customer information and assumptions to create a project plan. Specific customer goals will be identified for testing and deployment.

    An AWS account will be assigned for the project and correct security permissions established. Monitoring and cost management will be enabled. Connectivity to customer environments will be built as required. Any data from servers or file shares will be cloned to environment, or connected.

    A template for deployment of desktops will be created. This template will be the base of the Amazon WorkSpaces bundle for the balance of user deployments and is built based on the project plan to include required business applications and desktop limitations. Once completed, a sample virtual desktop will be deployed for user acceptance testing to confirm performance, business applications, and data access. Once confirmed, the image will be production ready.

    In this final phase, workspaces are deployed to end users for production use. The deployment can be done in bulk with automation tools developed by RedNight. Each user will get a virtual desktop and login instructions. Once running, there will be a support period to confirm all users are functional and to answer any questions about the deployment. Documentation will include common troubleshooting steps and a formal handoff of the environment to the customer.

  • Key activities
  • 1) Kick off

    Kickoff call to define smart goals and project timeline with project stakeholders.

    2) Assess

    Screenshare with technical contacts to review current environment, authentication, and monitoring processes.

    3) Provision

    Enable tools, network connectivity, and platforms to support the build.

    4) Build

    Develop client environment and deploy Amazon WorkSpaces.

    5) Test

    User acceptance testing of Amazon WorkSpaces templates.

    6) Deploy

    Deployment of Amazon WorkSpaces to end users.

    7) Support

    Support of Amazon WorkSpaces environment for one week post go-live.

    8) Completion

    Documentation and project closing call.

  • Customer contribution
  • Licensing

    Correct and available software products are needed to run in Amazon WorkSpaces.


    Power users will validate images and participate in project planning meeting.


    You will need to answer basic questions about the existing environment and authentication.


    Bring a list of current challenges in existing environment and needs for future growth.

  • About this consultant
  • RedNight is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and has achieved the AWS Digital Workplace Competency and the Amazon EC2 for Windows Service Delivery designation. Headquartered in California, RedNight was founded to provide engineering expertise and technical solutions for small and medium-sized businesses across the United States.

    As a leader in the digital workspace, RedNight specializes in cloud migrations tailored to the unique needs of each company’s individual requirements. They offer a comprehensive model to assess, diagnose, plan, and execute cloud needs at every level. Their portfolio consists of solutions such as managed services, migration support, and cloud implementation.

  • Architecture diagram

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