Image Builder Automation provides an automated way to build and maintain secure AMIs for any purpose

With today's growing need for rapid iteration and secure application deployment comes the need for an automated way to build customized and secure, hardened Amazon Machine Images (AMIs). Stratus10's Image Builder Automation solution offers an automated solution to consistently build custom AMIs that are secure, auditable, and can be easily integrated into application deployment processes.

Stratus10's Image Builder Automation solution is an automated way to build and maintain Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) AMIs that can fit into existing and new pipelines, and is useful for iterating and keeping track of changes. The solution creates bespoke AMIs based on your specific needs. All changes and configurations are maintained as code and driven via AWS CodePipeline and Amazon EC2 Image Builder. This is useful for security updates, integration with software deployment, and is compatible with any operating system supported by Image Builder. The solution is fully customizable and auditable, as it automatically writes logs to Amazon CloudWatch Log Groups and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) artifacts. The solution is quickly deployed and customized via AWS CloudFormation templates.

Implementing automation to create hardened AMIs will reduce time to market and improve application reliability by embedding security best practices as an early step of the software development life cycle, thus leading to better customer satisfaction.


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Canada, Mexico, United States


Multi-Operating System Support

The solution works with any operating systems supported by Image Builder.

Automated Process

A fully automated and secure process for building, testing, and validating custom Amazon EC2 AMIs.

Status and Monitoring

The solution uses AWS tools, such as Cloudwatch and Amazon S3, to track and audit progress and execution.

Infrastructure as Code

Reduce risk, accountability, and configuration consistency by managing AMIs as code.

  • How it works
  • Stratus10's Image Builder Automation solution provides an automated way to build and maintain Amazon EC2 AMIs that can easily be customized to fit your needs.

    Stratus10's Image Builder Automation solution helps you manage your hardened AMIs as code. You can build AMIs with custom packages and artifacts from different sources, run scripts, write tests and validation components, and manage it all as code. These hardened AMIs can then be directly deployed to your application environments. The solution uses version control (AWS CodeCommit) to keep track of the code base and scripts.

    The Stratus10's Image Builder Automation solution begins with the execution of CloudFormation templates that build the required AWS services, pipelines, and components needed for the solution to run. Once a base AMI is identified and the code configuration has been adjusted to fit your needs (required packages, scripts, and components to include in the AMI), a new AMI is built. The process is automatically triggered every time you make a change to the AMI configuration code.

    The solution uses a combination of AWS Lambda functions, Image Builder pipelines, step functions, AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS), CloudWatch, and other AWS services to automatically build, test, and validate secure AMIs based on the specified configurations.

  • Key activities
  • 1) Base AMI

    Identify a base AMI to use for the process.

    2) Infrastructure Setup

    Set up the solution using CloudFormation templates.

    3) Code Configuration

    Adjust the code to define packages, components, artifacts, or scripts to use when building the AMI.

    4) Test and Validation

    Set up and configure tests and validation steps to run after the AMI is created.

    5) Trigger Pipelines

    Trigger the solution automation by committing changes to the configuration code.

  • Customer contribution
  • AWS Account Access

    Provide Stratus10 access to customer's AWS environment for the duration of the engagement.

    Base AMI

    Stratus10 will work with customers to identify the base AMI(s) to use for the solution.

    Initial Configuration

    Stratus10 will work with customer to set up initial configuration of packages and components for the solution.

    Test and Validation

    Stratus10 will work with customer to build tests and validation steps to be run as part of Image Builder phase.

  • About this consultant
  • Stratus10 is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Tier Services Partner helping companies migrate their infrastructure and applications to the cloud and helping them implement best practices. Stratus10 specializes in migration services, DevOps automation, and application modernization to help clients take full advantage of the latest services AWS has to offer.

    Stratus10 holds the AWS Migration and DevOps Competency, and AWS CloudFormation and Amazon EC2 for Windows Server Service Delivery designations. Stratus10 is also an AWS Well-Architected Partner.

  • Architecture diagram

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