superwerker: A Rapid and Secure Multiaccount Setup

An expert guided setup of superwerker, which offers a secure, scaleable, multiaccount AWS cloud environment

Setting up in AWS for the first time can seem like a challenging endeavor. You might wonder how to secure your workloads, how to orchestrate resources, and configure your environment. Implementing the setup of an AWS environment securely and in accordance with AWS best practices can take months - but it doesn’t have to. superluminar offers a guided installation of superwerker, which is an open-source solution that allows you to rapidly deploy a secure and fully functional AWS cloud environment for your business.

As part of the development team of superwerker and consultants with decades of experience in cloud computing, superluminar doesn’t just set up your AWS environment; its aim is knowledge transfer. It offers guidance through every step and decision made in the setup process, so that your business can stay secure and streamlined in the AWS Cloud, long after superwerker is installed. By the end of the consultation, you will gain a direct entry point to understand topics that are critical to the governance of your new AWS environment.
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Accelerate your entry to AWS

Reduce your time-to-market and get started in the cloud hassle-free.

Gain the knowledge for AWS success

superluminar provides the knowledge for you to run your business securely and efficiently in the cloud.

Near-zero maintenance costs

The solution is continuously improved by the vendor and the community.

Open source

Completely open source for you to review and contribute to.

  • How it works
  • The consultation begins by getting to know your business. superluminar considers your goals, interests, and available technological expertise in an initial meeting with its team. It then offers an individual workshop in which it sets up superwerker together with you and introduce key services and concepts such as Control Tower for multi-account setup, Single Sign-on, and Security Hub. You get hands-on experience with superluminar's experts guiding demonstrations that are tailored to be relevant to what we have learned about your typical workloads. By the end of the workshop, superwerker will be installed, and you will have a solid foundation on which to begin building your digital solutions in the AWS Cloud.

  • Key activities
  • 1) Assessment

    Examine your business goals so superluminar can tailor the introduction to your AWS environment to your needs.

    2) superwerker deployment

    Install superwerker with you and explain the logic behind the decisions during setup.

    3) Training

    Get hands-on experience of the services in your new superwerker AWS environment with superluminar's guidance.

    4) Next Steps

    Work together to determine best practice initial steps to take in AWS for your business.

    5) Support

    At your request superluminar can provide further training and dive deeper into topics of interest for your company.

  • Customer contribution
  • Decision-maker

    Access to subject-matter experts who will make decisions moving forward.

  • About this consultant
  • About superluminar

    superluminar GmbH, founded in Hamburg in 2017, is a cloud consulting boutique specializing in AWS and known for authentic hands-on consulting. superluminar advises start-ups, media houses, and MDAX companies. As an AWS Partner, superluminar works closely with AWS and other partners from the AWS eco-system.

    About kreuzwerker

    kreuzwerker GmbH is a full-stack software consulting company founded in 2010. The company has been an AWS Partner offering consulting services since 2015 and was the first DACH AWS Partner to acquire the new AWS DevOps competence. kreuzwerker experts have integrated native cloud software development for hundreds of customers in start-up, SME, and corporate environments. 

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