IoT Resource Monitoring Framework

Monitor your IoT devices and backend resources at scale

Oftentimes, organizations with IoT fleets have systems in place to monitor backend operations while the devices out in the field are only examined when an error occurs. Keeping up with this manual, reactive process becomes increasing difficult as organizations scale their device deployments. Trek10's IoT Resource Monitoring Framework gives companies clear and constant visibility into their IoT device and backend operations from a single pane.

By engaging with Trek10 to deliver the IoT Resource Monitoring Framework, customers leverage various AWS services to implement a monitoring solution tailored to their specific requirements. It combines AWS IoT metrics with Amazon CloudWatch and Datadog’s IoT Agent to enable 24/7 monitoring and support. Trek10’s IoT Resource Monitoring Framework improves customers’ understanding of device behavior, anomalies, and compliance to optimize IoT device performance and health.


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Improved device health tracking

Track the health of your devices through AWS IoT metrics, Amazon CloudWatch logs, and Datadog.

Visible cloud system performance

Gain a single viewpoint to monitor all your compute, database, and storage resources.

Instant anomaly detection

Proactively monitor device operations and generate alerts when unexpected behavior occurs.

IoT configurations auditing

Periodically validate that all policies, certificates, and other configurations meet best practices.
  • How it works
  • For organizations seeking to monitor their AWS IoT ecosystem, Trek10 has built best-practices solutions for many customers. Trek10 enables customers to connect tens of thousands of IoT devices. The resulting Trek10 IoT Resource Monitoring Framework is a production-quality solution for understanding the health and behavior of your IoT ecosystems end to end—from the field and from edge devices to the supporting backend infrastructure.

    Trek10's IoT Resource Monitoring Framework enables customers to understand the performance of their IoT fleet at scale through metrics like number of incoming messages and historical data volume. Optionally, by installing the Datadog IoT Agent on their device(s) customers can use hardware metrics like CPU and memory utilization. These insights allow customers to optimize IoT device performance and health. In addition to monitoring, anomaly detection mechanisms are set in place to trigger alerts when predictable metrics (such as data volume) fall outside of typical ranges. Regular audits are performed to detect noncompliance configurations such as shared security credentials or overly permissive policies.

  • Key activities
  • 1) Discovery session

    Discuss customer requirements and the metrics required to support the IoT ecosystem.

    2) AWS infrastructure deployment

    Trek10 works with the customer to deploy necessary resources in their AWS account.

    3) Dashboard, monitors, and alerts

    Trek10 works with the customer to configure useful dashboards, monitors, and alerts.

    4) Application design document

    Trek10 delivers an application design document detailing the resources used in the solution.

  • Customer contribution
  • Account access

    Customer grants Trek10 access to their AWS account for the duration of the consulting engagement.

    Datadog account setup

    Customer sets up Datadog account and grants Trek10 access to set up monitors, dashboards, and alerts.

    Datadog IoT Agent

    Customer can optionally set up the IoT agent on their device.

  • About this consultant
  • Born in the cloud and focused on AWS, Trek10 specializes in leveraging its expertise and AWS managed services to design, build, and support cutting-edge solutions for its customers. With years of AWS experience, Trek10 helps companies build cloud-native architectures and serverless applications. With serverless on AWS, organizations can build modern applications with increased agility and lower total cost of ownership. Trek10 is an AWS Partner and has achieved the AWS DevOps, AWS IoT, AWS Migrations, and AWS SaaS Competencies.

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