Ubertas Consulting Foundations for AWS Well-Architected

Ubertas Consulting can build a best-practice-driven AWS environment for your unique workloads.

For customers new to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and wanting to launch in a quick and secure manner, or those who already have an AWS infrastructure but want to improve the security and scalability of their architecture, Ubertas Consulting Foundations for AWS Well-Architected offers a consulting engagement to build out a robust, best-practice-driven AWS environment.

With this offer, customers will benefit from the experience of Ubertas consultants who focus solely on AWS solutions and consulting. Ubertas Consulting specializes in helping customers build and optimize their environments for operational excellence, security, cost, performance, and reliability.

Ubertas Consulting Foundations for AWS Well-Architected is a structured consulting engagement that typically takes about two weeks from assessment of your requirements to delivery of a foundational infrastructure for your application workloads.

Ubertas Consulting

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Launch fast

A rapid approach to deploying your application securely on the AWS Cloud.

Secure your approach

Build in security across your cloud deployment from the start.

Onboard knowledge

Understand the concepts, tools, and techniques to successfully build on AWS.

Be Well-Architected

Underpin your cloud operation with best-practice principles of the AWS Well-Architected Framework.

  • How it works
  • Ubertas Consulting Foundations for AWS Well-Architected is a best-practice-driven AWS deployment in which customers can run their workloads. The solution is aimed at customers either new to the platform and wanting to launch in a quick but secure manner or those that already have an AWS infrastructure but want to ensure they’re following AWS Well-Architected best practices.

    The solution is delivered through a combination of online workshops and DevOps consultancy across an eight-step process to deliver a Well-Architected foundation in two weeks. The process encapsulates implementation, knowledge transfer, and operational guidance in assisting you to launch your application workloads into a secure, resilient AWS environment.

    As part of the consulting engagement, Ubertas Consulting will first assess your workloads' current state in order to generate an understanding of your specific requirements for operating on the AWS Cloud. Consultants will then deploy an AWS infrastructure that aligns to the best-practice principles of security, performance, resilience, operational excellence, and cost optimization. Finally, Ubertas Consulting will provide knowledge transfer, support, and necessary planning to allow the launch of your application.

    You will also learn about the principles of the AWS Well-Architected Framework and gain valuable insight into best-practice measures of operating on AWS.

  • Key activities
  • 1) Review current state

    Discover organizational and workload-specific requirements to customize your foundational AWS deployment.

    2) Deploy core account structure

    Establish a best-practice account structure as a basis for governance of your AWS environment.

    3) Implement security fundamentals

    Secure your cloud foundation through AWS security services and implement access control measures.

    4) Configure cross-account networking

    Implement networking across your AWS account structure based on secure access control.

    5) Deploy workload accounts

    Make available the core account structures that will operate your specific application workloads.

    6) Implement monitoring and alerting

    Enable core services for logging, monitoring, and alerting to provide a best-practice operational foundation.

    7) Transfer knowledge

    Learn how to operate your AWS environment and the service configuration that makes it Well-Architected.

    8) Plan application launch

    Plan the deployment of your application workload on AWS.

  • Customer contribution
  • Application knowledge

    Experience designing, building, or running your application workload in its current form.

    Commercial direction

    Your commercial objectives for running a Well-Architected environment on the AWS Cloud.

  • About this consultant
  • Ubertas Consulting is a cloud consultancy specializing in AWS. As an AWS Channel Reseller (Solution Provider Program) Partner, and an authorized AWS Well-Architected Partner who has achieved the AWS DevOps Competency, Ubertas Consulting's mission is to help customers utilize the AWS Cloud in a way that aligns to AWS Well-Architected best practices.

    Ubertas Consulting's services span the breadth of AWS technologies and range from advisory to full implementation as they assist customers in applying the AWS Well-Architected Framework to migrate and operate their mission-critical workloads on the AWS Cloud.

  • Architecture diagram

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Ubertas Consulting’s AWS validated qualifications, customer references, and office locations.

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Ubertas Consulting has demonstrated deep AWS technical expertise and proven customer success.

AWS Well-Architected

As a AWS Well-Architected Partner, Ubertas Consulting has in-depth training on the Well-Architected Framework.

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