What does this AWS Solution do?

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud offers flexible services and pricing options that allow you to pay only for the services you need, yet still meet your performance and capacity requirements. To help manage costs, AWS provides monitoring and reporting tools such as Cost Explorer, budgets, and detailed billing reports, which are accessible in the Billing and Cost Management console. Customers can use this information to help monitor and forecast their service usage and charges in an effort to optimize costs and maximize their return on investment.

To support customers in their cost optimization efforts, AWS developed the Cost Optimization Monitor. This solution automatically processes detailed billing reports to provide granular metrics that you can search, analyze, and visualize in a customizable dashboard. The solution uses Amazon Elasticsearch Service (Amazon ES) and leverages its built-in support for Kibana, enabling customers to visualize their first batch of data as soon as it's processed.

This webpage gives high-level best practices for cost management as well as an overview of the Cost Optimization Monitor solution architecture and features.

AWS Solution overview

AWS offers a solution that automatically uploads detailed billing report data to Amazon ES for analysis and visualization in the Kibana user interface. The diagram below presents the Cost Optimization Monitor architecture you can automatically deploy using the solution's implementation guide and accompanying AWS CloudFormation template.

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Cost Optimization Monitor architecture

The Cost Optimization Monitor deploys an Amazon ES domain and an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instance configured with an Nginx proxy to restrict access to the domain endpoint. The instance also hosts the solution's custom Python scripts, which retrieve and parse detailed billing report data and upload it daily to Amazon ES.

The solution automatically loads a set of default Kibana dashboards as a starting point for data visualization. User requests from approved IP addresses can access the Kibana dashboard using customer-defined credentials, and start working with its search, visualization, and reporting capabilities to manipulate data from your domain.


High Availability

The solution leverages an Amazon ES cluster distributed across different Availability Zones, Auto Scaling, and Elastic Load Balancing.


An Nginx proxy server restricts access to the Kibana dashboard. A security group gives you fine-grained access control for the proxy server.


The solution includes a default set of Kibana dashboards you can use to visualize your billing report data.

Custom Sizing

You can choose from three preset Amazon ES cluster sizes to support your anticipated data-indexing needs.


Modify your cluster’s instance count and type directly in Amazon ES to accommodate your changing environment and requirements.


AWS CloudFormation automatically launches and configures the components necessary to send billing report data to Amazon ES.
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