As workforces increasingly become virtual, companies must grapple with device security, warranties, and delivery. By establishing thorough device management and policies, companies can spend fewer resources tracking devices or handling security breaches. Device Management solutions help you secure your workforce’s devices and provide options to meet different cybersecurity assurance levels. These solutions offer cost savings by reducing the number of devices needed, making management more efficient, extending the life of existing devices, and facilitating a bring-your-own-device policy.

AWS Services

Purpose-built cloud products

Amazon AppStream 2.0
Secure, reliable, and scalable application streaming and low-cost virtual desktop service
Amazon WorkDocs
Secure document sharing and content collaboration—connecting teams everywhere
Amazon WorkSpaces Family
Fully managed, secure, reliable virtual desktops for every workload
Amazon WorkSpaces Web
Secure browser access to internal websites and SaaS apps starting at $7 per month

AWS Solutions

Ready-to-deploy solutions assembling AWS Services, code, and configurations

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