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As an extension of its ongoing collaboration with Amazon, Citrix is now delivering its innovative networking and desktop virtualization solutions from AWS.

Citrix NetScaler®, an advanced cloud networking platform, and Citrix CloudBridge™, a solution that transparently and securely connects enterprise datacenters to any off-premise cloud, are now available on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. Together, NetScaler and CloudBridge make it easier and more cost effective for enterprises to seamlessly extend their enterprise network to the Amazon Cloud and deploy the same L4-7 network stack on AWS that they use on-premise, ultimately making AWS a natural extension of their own IT infrastructure. The availability of NetScaler and CloudBridge on AWS Marketplace enable a broad set of use cases for enterprise IT:

  • AWS for production: Customers using AWS for production delivery can now front applications running in AWS with the same core cloud networking platform used by some of the largest websites and clouds in the world. L4 load balancing, L7 traffic management, application acceleration and application security functionality are integrated via a single policy framework, simplifying deployment and ongoing management. Global Server Load Balancing can be used to ensure high availability across AWS availability zones, AWS regions, and between AWS and on-premise datacenters.
  • AWS for dev/test: Customers using AWS for dev/test with production on-premise can include NetScaler within their AWS test environments, speeding time-to-production due to better mimicry of the production environment within AWS. Citrix CloudBridge optimizes connections between the enterprise datacenter and AWS, securing the connection, speeding transfer of data, and minimizing network costs.
  • Hybrid Infrastructure: Customers with hybrid infrastructure spanning their own data centers and AWS can use the cloud networking platform to bridge both, significantly easing the transition of applications and workloads back and forth between their own datacenters and AWS, while providing advanced optimizations for security, performance and application availability.
  • AWS for DR: Customers looking to use AWS as part of their disaster recovery/business continuity plans can rely upon NetScaler GSLB running both on-premise and within AWS to continuously monitor availability of both enterprise datacenters and AWS environments, ensuring users are always sent to the optimal location. CloudBridge optimizes data transfer and synchronization between various on-premise datacenters and AWS environments.

Citrix is also providing a CloudFormation template for automated installation and configuration of Citrix XenDesktop® platforms for hosting desktop virtualization and mobile apps on AWS.

Leveraging AWS provides the ability to reallocate upfront costs of a large physical hardware infrastructure purchase into an on-demand operating expense model distributed over an extended timeframe. The instant availability of cloud-based resources, coupled with CloudFormation automation templates, dramatically reduces the implementation time previously allocated for procuring, racking and cabling physical servers. By delivering virtual desktops and applications through XenDesktop running on AWS, IT administrators are able to power a powerful desktop virtualization solution with a cost as low as one penny per hour per user for IaaS capacity. For details, see the whitepaper, Scalability and Economics of XenApp on Amazon Cloud.

The AWS-based approach provides advanced management and scalability, a rich multimedia experience over any network, and self-service applications with nearly universal endpoint device support ranging from desktops to laptops to tablets and smartphones. Session and application virtualization technologies make it easy for customers to centrally manage applications using any combination of local and hosted delivery to best fit their unique requirements. Desktop virtualization simplifies application management and brings unprecedented levels of scalability to increase cost savings and datacenter efficiency.

Enterprises are looking to clouds that can deliver cost-effective, enterprise-class platforms to power the applications that users need. Citrix helps IT deliver those applications via desktop and application solutions like Citrix XenDesktop. The attractiveness of a cloud-based desktop and application platform is driven by the ever-evolving demands of workforce growth, mobility and geographical disbursement.

The Citrix Developer Network community page for Amazon Web Services features product documentation, blogs, architectural diagrams, deployment guides and best practices for implementing Citrix solutions on AWS. This community site also includes a reference architecture that combines the individual capabilities of several Citrix product lines to offer a powerful, dynamic, secure and highly available virtualized, service-based infrastructure that is ideally suited to on-demand delivery of both IT infrastructure and application services.

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