Look to ESRI for solutions to unlock the spatial component of your valuable data and see your organization’s information from the geographic perspective.

ESRI leads the global geographic information system (GIS) software industry with annual sales of nearly $1 billion. ESRI has 10 regional offices in the United States; 80 international distributors; and more than 2,000 business partners who provide applications, data, and hardware that complement our technology.

You can build and deploy complete geospatially-enabled applications wherever needed throughout your enterprise with the ArcGIS platform, an integrated collection of GIS software products that includes ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS Mobile, and ArcGIS.com. The ArcGIS system conforms to open standards and enterprise IT frameworks that allow organizations to incorporate GIS into any application for use in desktops, servers, or custom applications; in the field; or over the Web.


Amazon EC2 provides an ideal environment for running your ArcGIS Server applications. Amazon EC2 allows you to quickly configure ArcGIS Server through ready to use ArcGIS Server AMIs; scale ArcGIS Server services and applications leveraging Amazon’s Elastic Cloud Computing infrastructure, and integrate with other Amazon features like Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) and Cloud Watch.
This page contains the following categories of information

  • Use Cases
  • Getting Started with Amazon EC2 running ArcGIS Server
  • Amazon EC2 running ArcGIS Server AMIs
  • AMIs 
  • Pricing

Use Cases

Amazon EC2 helps you to leverage ArcGIS Server-based environments for a variety of use cases, including:

Steady State Usage

Amazon EC2 is the ideal environment for running ArcGIS Server-based applications that always need to be available. Esri provides ready-to-use ArcGIS Server AMIs so you can quickly setup your GIS applications on affordable servers that will run in the Amazon Cloud. Steady state usage for ArcGIS Server relies on the existing Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances model, so you can procure hardware resources in the Amazon Cloud for periods ranging between 1 and 3 years.

On-Demand Usage

Using Amazon EC2 on-demand is a perfect way to complement your Steady State deployments of ArcGIS Server-based applications. It allows you to scale up or down the number of instances to meet your above-average workload demands. For example, if you have unpredictable peaks over your average workload, you can rapidly increment the number of ArcGIS Server instances in your deployment to satisfy response times, and reduce them or go back to your average Steady State allocated resources, once demand is back to its average.

On-Demand Usage is ideal as well for ad-hoc GIS tasks that require massive amounts of computing power for relative short amounts of time. Massive geocoding, map tile creation, GIS analysis, routing and other highly CPU intensive analytical tasks are good examples for ad-hoc On-Demand Usage.

By using Amazon EC2 resources following On-Demand Usage, you can reduce hardware and infrastructure costs needed to sustain your ArcGIS Server deployment.

Proof-of-Concept Development

Amazon EC2 is perfect for this prototyping process. Many projects begin by creating an environment to test a particular use-case before any significant investment is made. ArcGIS Server can be deployed at no additional fee beyond normal Amazon EC2 usage charges by any EDN (Esri Developer Network) subscriber. Developers can start Amazon EC2 instances running ArcGIS Server AMIs in minutes, and release Amazon hardware resources once their development task or prototyping is done. Proof-of-concept development works well with both Amazon’s EC2 Reserved and On Demand Instance models.

It’s easy to get started using ArcGIS Server on Amazon EC2if you already have an ArcGIS Server license:

1. Create a new Amazon EC2 account.
2. Contact ESRI Customer Service and request access to the ArcGIS Server AMIs. Have your Amazon ID ready.
3. Launch your ArcGIS Server instances directly from the Amazon Web Services Management Console or from the Esri provided ArcGIS Server Amazon Web Services Cloud Builder.

ESRI provides preconfigured Amazon EC2 AMIs for ArcGIS Server 10 users. Through these AMIs, you can quickly setup a fully functional ArcGIS Server instance on the AWS platform. ESRI provided ArcGIS Server AMIS have been specially created in order to work even after your Amazon EC2 instance is stopped and started . They are configured behind Elastic Load Balancers and integrated with Cloud Watch and other Amazon Web services.. ESRI provided ArcGIS Server AMIs are certified by ESRI and supported under the Supported Environment Policy.

Existing ArcGIS Server users can request access to ArcGIS Server AMIs through ESRI Customer Service, by providing their Amazon EC2 Account ID. Then, ArcGIS Server instances can be managed like any other Amazon EC2 instance.

About the AMIs

ESRI provides Amazon EC2 and ArcGIS Server users with a fully configured and deployment-ready GIS Server solution. ArcGIS Server provides a powerful platform for creating GIS Services for web mapping, geographic analysis, geodata management and geo-collaboration. ArcGIS Web Services are accessible through a variety of client applications, including professional GIS desktop tools, Web browsers, and mobile devices (iPhone, Android, and Windows mobile). ArcGIS Server supports key development platforms including JavaScript, Adobe Flex, Microsoft Silverlight, C/C++, Java, .Net, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python, and is well suited for a variety of Web, Web 2.0, transactional, analytical, ERP, and other business applications.

The ArcGIS Server AMI includes a GIS Web Services Server running on Windows Server 2008 and administration tools.

Technical Specifications:

  • EBS-based AMI
  • Operating System: Windows Server and Ubuntu Linux


  • ArcGIS Server (Services Server and ArcGIS Server Manager).
  • ArcGIS Desktop. To be used for ArcGIS Server and Geodatabase administration purposes only


Use of ArcGIS Server in Amazon Web Services is enabled through several business models and packages.

Bringing Your Own ArcGIS Server Licenses
Licensing of ArcGIS Server in the Amazon cloud is subject to the same rules as in on-premise or traditional data centers. ArcGIS Server users are given a choice to deploy their ArcGIS Server software licenses on traditional data centers (per physical core) or on-premise servers or on Amazon EC2 (mapping physical core licenses to virtual cores in the Amazon EC2 environment). Whatever the deployment, the ArcGIS Server user is responsible for the infrastructure costs. See details on infrastructure costs associated with running on Amazon EC2 here.
 If you are interested in purchasing a new ArcGIS Server license for deployment in the Amazon Cloud, please contact your ESRI representative.

ArcGIS Server Cloud Bundle (on Amazon EC2)
ESRI’s ArcGIS Server Cloud Bundle provides a quick way to get both ArcGIS Server and everything you need on Amazon EC2 ready to go in one package,plus a very competitive price.

ArcGIS Server in Amazon EC2 for Developers
ArcGIS Server is available for Amazon EC2 through the ESRI Developer Network (EDN). EDN is a subscription based product which gives you access to ArcGIS. You can use EDN licenses for Proof of Concept development in Amazon EC2.

Evaluation of ArcGIS Server in Amazon EC2 You can request a 60-day evaluation license for Amazon EC2 running ArcGIS Server. Contact your local ESRI representative for details.