“At CA Technologies, we understand the benefits that cloud computing brings to the IT environment. The ability to leverage Amazon's flexible Oracle RDS licensing models can provide users with a convenient and economical way to move database workloads to the AWS cloud, while enabling engineering teams to place their focus on innovation"

-Brian Poissant, Vice President of Engineering Services at CA Technologies.

Amazon RDS makes it easier to set up, operate, and scale Oracle Database deployments in the cloud. With Amazon RDS, you can deploy multiple editions of Oracle Database 11g in minutes with cost-efficient and re-sizable hardware capacity. Amazon RDS frees you up to focus on application development by managing database administration tasks including provisioning, backups, software patching, monitoring, and hardware scaling.

Simone Brunozzi, Technology Evangelist, Amazon Web Services shows how easy it is to start your Amazon RDS for Oracle Trial in Ten Minutes. Watch the demo Start Amazon RDS for Oracle Database in 10 minutes.

  • You can run multiple editions of Oracle Database (11g Release 2) via Amazon RDS.
  • You can run Amazon RDS for Oracle under two different licensing models – “License Included” and “Bring-Your-Own-License (BYOL)”, with rates starting as low as $0.11 per hour. Please refer to the pricing section below for more details.
  • You can provision a pre-configured Oracle database and scale the underlying hardware through using a few clicks on the AWS Management Console.
  • Amazon RDS manages database administration tasks, including continuous backups, software patching, and exposing key operational metrics, freeing you up to focus on your applications and business.
  Self-Managed Amazon RDS for Oracle
Point-and-click deployment within minutes  
Scale compute or storage resources with a few clicks or single API call  
Pre-configured Oracle parameters at launch  
Point-in-time database recovery  
Managed database snapshots for backup or database cloning  
Access to hardware & complete environment control  
Automatic software patching (optional)  
Metrics on cpu, disk & memory utilization provided in a dashboard at no additional cost  

Click Check out the Amazon RDS Data Import Guide for Oracle to read our white paper on migrating to Amazon RDS for Oracle.

You can get started right away by reviewing our Getting Started Guide. Once you are ready to create your own DB Instance and start building applications, you can use the AWS Management Console or Amazon RDS APIs to launch a DB Instance in minutes.

Amazon RDS for Oracle Database can be run under two different licensing models – with the License Included or BYOL (Bring-Your-Own-License). The "License Included" pricing (No need for separately purchased Oracle licenses as the Oracle Database software has been licensed by AWS) starts at $0.16 per hour, inclusive of software, underlying hardware resources, and Amazon RDS management capabilities. This model currently supports Oracle Database Standard Edition One.

The Bring-Your-Own-License (BYOL) is for those who already own Oracle Database licenses, you can use the "BYOL" model to run Oracle deployments and can be run on Amazon RDS under the BYOL model with rates starting at $0.11 per hour. Developers and database administrators can run Enterprise Edition, Standard Edition, and Standard Edition One Oracle Databases in the AWS cloud.

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