Q: What are the privacy and legal considerations for this solution?

A: In certain geographies there may be laws regarding the collection, storage, and processing of biometric information. You should review legal requirements in your jurisdiction and obtain legal advice where appropriate.

In addition, there are a number of privacy and transparency considerations around the use of facial comparison in commercial settings. You should educate yourself on these issues and take them into account when designing and deploying your application. We recommend that you provide information to end users about how the application works and how data collected from the application will be used, stored, and retained, and offer an alternate verification option for end users who do not wish to use the application.

Q: Does the Auto Check-In App store facial images?

A: No. After Amazon Rekognition extracts the facial features from a registration photo into a feature vector and adds the vector to the face collection, the registration photo is automatically deleted from Amazon S3. The photo taken at the event is not stored. The solution does not store any facial images after they are processed.

Q: How should I prepare my event images?

A:  To help ensure the most accurate results, make sure that your attendees’ faces are sufficiently lit, and that your images are larger than 80x80 pixels. We recommend using an additional light to ensure the face is bright enough. For more information, see Limits in Amazon Rekognition.

To reduce the latency from Amazon Rekognition and ensure the correct face is indexed, we also recommend cropping the facial images you capture at the event before sending them to Amazon API Gateway. By cropping the image, you can reduce the response time and remove unintended faces from the image. For more information, see Amazon Rekognition Image Operation Latency.

To help prevent the solution from indexing unintended faces, this solution indexes the largest face in the image. All other faces in the image are not indexed. 

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