Q: What does the AWS Trusted Advisor Explorer solution do?

A:  The solution helps customers track AWS Trusted Advisor cost optimization recommendations historically across accounts in an organization. The solution gathers recommendations based on a user configured cron. This raw data is used to create a data lake which can be leveraged to build cost optimization dashboards and KPIs to track cost optimization health across the organization. The solution can enrich the resources flagged in the recommendations with resource tag information, enabling customers to track cost optimization opportunities by resource tags.

Q: Are there any prerequisites for using this solution?

A:  Yes. There are two prerequisites for using this solution:

  • AWS Organizations Member accounts must be enrolled in an AWS Enterprise or Business support plan.
  • AWS Organizations Member accounts must have a Cross Account Role that trusts the Primary (Master) account where the solution will be deployed.
For more information, refer to the AWS Support webpage.

Q: Is the data encrypted?

A: Yes. The raw Trusted Advisor data is stored in an encrypted Amazon S3 bucket.

Q: Can I deploy the AWS Trusted Advisor Explorer solution in any Region?

A: No. The AWS Trusted Advisor Explorer solution uses Amazon Athena, AWS Glue, Amazon S3, CloudWatch Events, and AWS Lambda. We recommend deploying this solution in the Northern Virginia Region. For the most current availability by Region, refer to the AWS service offerings by Region table.

Q: Are visualization platforms other than Amazon QuickSight supported?

A: Yes. Any visualization platform that can integrate with Amazon Athena and Amazon S3 can be used.

Q: Can I use a custom list of Accounts?

A: Yes. By default, the solution is configured to obtain the account list from AWS Organizations, but you can override that behavior and supply a custom list of accounts. Refer to the deployment guide for more information.

Q: What Trusted Advisor checks does AWS Trusted Advisor Explorer support?

A: The AWS Trusted Advisor Explorer solution currently supports nine Trusted Advisor cost optimization checks including: Amazon RDS Idle DB Instances, Amazon EC2 Reserved Instance Lease Expiration, Low Utilization Amazon EC2 Instances, Idle Load Balancers, Underutilized Amazon EBS Volumes, Unassociated Elastic IP Addresses, Amazon RDS Idle DB Instances, Amazon Route 53 Latency Resource Record Sets, and Underutilized Amazon Redshift Clusters.

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