Q: What does the DevOps Monitoring Dashboard on AWS solution do?

A: This solution automates the process for monitoring and visualizing CI/CD metric following AWS best practices. This solution allows organizations of all sizes to track and measure the activities of their development teams. This helps DevOps leaders measure the impact of their DevOps initiatives and make data-driven decisions to drive continuous improvement in their development teams.

Q: Who should use this solution?

A: Customers of all sizes that are using CI/CD pipelines on AWS and want to collect, view, and monitor software delivery and operations performances metrics across AWS services. Enterprise IT Leaders, DevOps Leaders, Infrastructure and Operations leaders as well as Software Development Teams can benefit from using the DevOps Monitoring Dashboard on AWS solution.

Q: Can I deploy DevOps Monitoring Dashboard on AWS in any AWS Region?

A: Customers must deploy the solution in AWS Regions where Amazon QuickSight (optional), Amazon Athena, and Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose are available. For more information, refer to AWS Regional Services List.

Q: How much does this solution cost?

A: As of April 2022, the cost for running this solution with the default settings in the US East (N. Virginia) AWS Region is approximately $34.20 per month, assuming that 100GB data per month is generated from your development teams' CI/CD activities, such as code changes and code deployments, and you have one QuickSight author and 10 readers with each accessing dashboards twice a month. For more detailed costs estimates, including a break down of costs per AWS service, refer to the solution implementation guide.

Q: What visualization tools does this solution support?

A: This solutions supports Amazon QuickSight. You can also build visualizations with other third party business intelligence tools. For more information, refer to the implementation guide.

Q:  Does this solution automate the setup of a CI/CD pipeline on AWS?

A:  No. To setup a new CI/CD pipeline on AWS, refer to Getting started resource.

Q:  How does this solution differ from other AWS Developer Tools and services?

A:  AWS provides a set of flexible services designed to enable customers to host code, build, test, and deploy software using AWS and DevOps practices. Each AWS service provides customers with activity and usage metrics. The AWS DevOps Monitoring Dashboard solution aggregates data across these AWS services and calculates key metrics such as deployment frequency, lead time for changes, and time to restore service. The information is displayed in a series of operational dashboards and is inclusive of all your software projects and developers.

Q:  What kinds of metrics does this solution collect?

A:  The solution calculates key DevOps metrics, such as Mean Time To Recover, Change Failure Rate, Deployment and Code Change Volume. For more information, refer to the implementation guide.

Q:  How can I extend the functionality of the solution?

A:  You have full access to the source code for the solution on GitHub. You can customize the primary CloudFormation template components to add or update the resources that come packaged with the solution. You can also customize your dashboard using the Amazon QuickSight console.

Q:  Does this solution support GitHub?

A:  Yes. This solution integrates with GitHub repository via webhook, which subscribes to certain events from GitHub. When one of those events is triggered, GitHub will send a HTTP POST request to an Amazon API Gateway endpoint and calculate Github metrics. Currently, the solution collects GitHub push events to calculate GitHub activity metrics such as the volume and frequency of pushes and commits by authors and repositories.

Q:  Does this solution support multi-account multi-Region data ingestion?

A:  Yes. You can deploy a sharing account stack in each AWS account and Region where you want to collect the DevOps metrics, and enter those account details in the main stack launched in the monitoring account. Once set up, the solution will send data from multiple AWS accounts and multiple AWS Regions to a central S3 bucket in the monitoring account, and create a single dashboard to monitor metrics from these accounts and regions. The solution supports using AWS account numbers or AWS organization IDs as principal type for multi-account multi-Region configuration.

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