Q: What kinds of data does the solution ingest?

A:  The solution supports multi-source ingestion mechanism. It provides implementation for the following two sources of ingestion 1) Twitter, 2) Public RSS feeds from across ~4000 news sites worldwide, 3) YouTube comments from the videos, and 4) an Amazon S3 bucket to which you can upload data to be analyzed as JSON documents or Microsoft Excel spreadsheets (XLSX). This option to upload data allows you to bring in data exported from internal or external systems in your enterprise. This broadens the use cases across different industry verticals, and provides a framework for you to build and extend the solution to integrate an upstream source of your choice with minimal effort.

Using the Search API, you cannot just search for terms in a tweet text, but also use additional filters supported by Twitter’s API such as place and geo-coordinates. With RSS feeds, the solution can be configured to ingest different topics; tech, news, business, science, finance, food, politics, economics, travel, entertainment, music, sport, world and filter them further to look for specific terms within the RSS feeds. With YouTube comments, you can perform NLP analysis on videos created for your product launches, advertorials, movie trailers, and others to understand what customers are talking about. Using S3 as an ingestion source, you can bring in data such as product reviews, movie reviews, community chat forums (Reddit, Twitch, and Discord chat messages), and transcribed outputs from Amazon Transcribe Call Analytics in JSON or XLSX file formats to derive insights.

Q: What machine learning inferences does the solution provide?

A: The solution ingests text and images. If ingested data does not contain a pre-defined language code, the solution detects the language using Amazon Comprehend, and translates non-English texts to English using Amazon Translate. Using AWS Comprehend, it performs topic modeling, sentiment analysis, entity detection, and key phrase detection on text. Through Rekognition, the solution can detect embedded text and content moderation labels in images. The detected text within an image is also subject to topic modeling, sentiment analysis, entity detection, and key phrase detection. An AWS Step Functions function orchestrates these machine learning services.

Q: What kind of reports does the solution generate?

A: This solution comes with a pre-built dashboard that uses Amazon QuickSight and is created as part of the deployment process, but you can use any reporting tool. For more information about QuickSight dashboards in this solution, refer to the solution's implementation guide.

Q: Can I deploy the solution in any AWS Region?

A: No, this solution uses Amazon Comprehend, Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Translate, and Amazon EventBridge, which are currently available in specific AWS Regions only. Therefore, you must launch this solution in an AWS Region where these services are available. For the most current availability by Region, refer to the AWS Regional Services List.

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