Generative AI Application Builder on AWS

Rapidly develop and deploy production-ready generative AI applications


Generative AI Application Builder on AWS facilitates the development, rapid experimentation, and deployment of generative artificial intelligence (AI) applications without requiring deep experience in AI. This AWS Solution accelerates development and streamlines experimentation by helping you ingest your business-specific data and documents, evaluate and compare the performance of large language models (LLMs), rapidly build extensible applications, and deploy those applications with an enterprise-grade architecture. 

Generative AI Application Builder on AWS includes integrations with Amazon Bedrock and its included LLMs, and LLMs deployed on Amazon SageMaker. Additionally, this solution has pre-built connectors to providers such as Anthropic and Hugging Face and enables connections to your choice of model using LangChain or AWS Lambda. Start with the no-code deployment wizard to build generative AI applications for conversational search, AI-generated chatbots, text generation, and text summarization.

Use cases for this AWS Solution
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Rapid experimentation

This solution allows users to experiment quickly by removing the heavy lifting required to deploy multiple instances with different configurations and compare outputs and performance. Experiment with multiple configurations of various LLMs, prompt engineering, enterprise knowledge bases, and other parameters.


With pre-built connectors to a variety of LLMs, such as models available through Amazon Bedrock and external providers Anthropic and Hugging Face, this solution gives you the flexibility to deploy the model of your choice, as well as the AWS and leading FM services you prefer.


Built with AWS Well-Architected design principles, this solution offers enterprise-grade security and scalability with high availability and low latency, ensuring seamless integration into your applications with high performance standards.

Extensible modular architecture

Extend this solution’s functionality by integrating your existing projects or natively connecting additional AWS services. Because this is an open-source application, you can use the included LangChain orchestration layer or Lambda functions to connect with the services of your choice.

Technical details

You can automatically deploy this architecture using the implementation guide and the accompanying AWS CloudFormation template that deploys two separate architectures:

  1. Deployment Dashboard – The Deployment Dashboard is a web user interface (UI) that serves as a management console for admin users to view, manage, and create their use cases. This dashboard enables customers to rapidly experiment, iterate, and deploy generative AI applications using multiple configurations of LLMs and data.
  2. Text Use Case – The Text Use Case enables users to experience a natural language interface using generative AI. This use case can be integrated into new or existing applications, and is deployable through the Deployment Dashboard or independently through a provided URL.
  • Deployment Dashboard
  • Text Use Case
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