Q: What actions does the Operations Conductor on AWS solution include?
A: The solution deploys a set of pre-defined actions that can be performed on AWS resources. For a complete list of actions, see the implementation guide

Q: Can I develop custom actions?
A: Yes. This solution leverages an AWS Systems Manager automation document to store the business logic for performing actions. To create your own custom actions, you can create a new automation document and add your own actions using the web console’s action catalog. For more information, see the implementation guide.

Q: How do I identify resources that will receive automated actions?
A: Tasks are automatically started on a fixed schedule or in response to an event on an individual resource. You can also manually start an action using the solution’s web console.

Q: Can I deploy Operations Conductor on AWS in any AWS Region?

A:  You must deploy this solution in a region that supports Amazon Cognito. For the most current service availability by region, see AWS service offerings by region.

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