Q: What actions does Ops Automator include?

A:  This solution includes an extensive suite of actions that you can use to automate the management of snapshots, instances, and vertical scaling. For a complete list of actions, refer to the implementation guide.

Q: Can I develop custom actions?

A: Yes. You can use Ops Automator's default actions as a reference to quickly and consistently develop custom actions that extend this solution’s functionality to other AWS services.

Q: Can I manage AWS resources in multiple Regions and accounts?

A: Yes. This solution includes AWS CloudFormation templates that create the AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) roles necessary to automate tasks on resources in multiple accounts. The templates also include parameters where you can specify Regions where your task will run.

Q: How do I identify resources that will receive automated actions?

A: During initial configuration of the primary AWS CloudFormation template, you define a tag key you will use to identify resources that will receive automated actions. When you deploy a task template, the stack name you specify is used as the tag value that identifies the task you want this solution to perform on the tagged resource. For detailed information, refer to the implementation guide.

Q: If I already have Ops Automator deployed, can I update the stack to get the latest functionality?

A: No. Ops Automator has been redesigned to improve throughput, simplify the configuration, and add event-triggered tasks. To take advantage of the new features and functionality, you must deploy the latest version of Ops Automator as a new stack. You cannot update a previously deployed version of the solution stack. For detailed information, refer to the implementation guide.

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