Solution FAQ

Q: How is communication between my smart products and AWS IoT authenticated?

A: This solution takes advantage of mutual authentication and encryption at all points of connection to AWS IoT Core to ensure that data is never exchanged between the smart product and AWS IoT Core without proven identity. The solution requires device credentials (X.509 certificates) to access AWS IoT.

Q: How do I interact with my smart products?

A: This solution includes a simple web console you can use to interact with your smart products. You can use the console to register users and devices, connect to your smart products, receive events and alerts, and send remote commands to your devices. For more information, see the deployment guide.

Q: How are my smart products managed?

A:  This solution uses AWS IoT Device Management to track, monitor, and remotely manage your fleet of smart products. You can also use the solution to deploy AWS IoT Device Defender to continuously audit the configurations of your fleet of smart products to ensure that they don’t deviate from security best practices. For more information, see the deployment guide.

Q: Can I deploy the smart product solution in any AWS Region?

A: You can deploy this solution’s AWS CloudFormation template only in AWS Regions where AWS IoT Analytics and SMS messaging for Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) are available. For the most current service availability, see AWS service offerings by region. For a list of supported regions for SMS messaging for Amazon SNS, see Supported Regions and Countries.

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