Tooling and infrastructure solutions for DevOps practitioners

DevOps is the combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that increases an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity: evolving and improving products at a faster pace than organizations using traditional software development and infrastructure management processes. This speed enables organizations to better serve their customers and compete more effectively in the market.

The DevOps solutions showcased here are part of Solution Space, an AWS website that includes solutions that are based on architectures validated by AWS, include a combination of AWS services and APN Partner technologies, can be deployed quickly with solution accelerators like AWS Quick Starts, and feature optional consulting offerings to accelerate your cloud transformation. These solutions feature APN Partners that have attained the AWS Competency designation.

Introduction to AWS CodePipeline

DevSecOps solutions


DevSecOps practices integrate security directly into development workflows to enhance application protection with very little effort. By automating the deployment of AWS security best practices for applications, you can enable continuous deployments and more easily meet compliance standards.

Automating Security Best Practices on AWS

Integrate application security into CI/CD processes with AWS, Barracuda and Puppet.
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Continuous delivery solutions


Continuous delivery creates a modern application development and operations environment, so you can focus on bringing value to your customers. With high availability and built-in monitoring, among other features, businesses can reduce many of the obstacles preventing them from delivering high quality products to their customers.

Pivotal Cloud Foundry on AWS

Accelerate application development for deploying and operating enterprise apps.

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Trek10 Serverless CI/CD Pipeline Foundation on AWS

Trek10 delivers a solution that helps organizations accelerate serverless adoption.

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Monitoring solutions


Monitoring solutions enable DevOps teams to track the impact of code and configuration changes on performance, user experience, reliability, service dependencies, and resource consumption.

Enabling Auto-Healing Pipeline Solutions on AWS

Automate your IT processes and implement AI-based quality gates for your cloud-native continuous delivery pipeline on AWS.
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End to end observability and cost monitoring for serverless applications on AWS

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DevOps Transformation


DevOps transformation solutions facilitate significant IT change by implementing DevOps processes, technology, and culture to accelerate application delivery and organization-wide digital transformation.

DevOps Transformation Discovery on AWS with DevOpsGroup

Accelerate and operationalize your transition to DevOps on AWS with DevOpsGroup.
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Browse consulting offerings

DevOps on AWS Immersion Day with Onica

Onica presents the DevOps on AWS: Immersion day – an engaging, tech driven event focused on helping teams accelerate their DevOps journey. Keep Reading »

Modern Cloud Platform Accelerator

Experience modern DevOps capabilities facilitated by AWS and DevOps engineering experts from DevOpsGroup.
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Serverless Application Development on AWS with Onica

Re-engineer your applications using serverless technologies to improve performance, availability and scalability while using automation techniques to ensure easy, reliable and repeatable deployments. Keep Reading »

Deployment Automation on AWS with KCOM

KCOM’s Deployment Automation approach produces a defined, repeatable framework that enables organisations to seamlessly deploy their applications faster.
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