Persistent Systems Digital Credit Union Solution™ (PDCUS) offering can accelerate deployment of banking digital solution on AWS

Digital Credit Union Solution™ (PDCUS) offering helps Credit Unions build an end-to-end digital solution, such as digital loans or digital deposits, in a short period of time. The offering provides a ‘Lego’ architecture of pluggable components which include loan market access, CRM, credit decisioning, core banking system (Mambu), payment providers, KYC / credit score providers, compliance & regulatory reporting, AML, and fraud to name just a few. Credit unions can select some or all of the components based on their requirements and also connect their own when needed.  All these components work as one leveraging an integration layer with micro-services that use Amazon API Gateway. Persistent Systems can help credit unions leverage their existing IT assets by integrating them with this platform. Persistent Systems will conduct workshops with key stakeholders to understand the business goals, stakeholder expectations, existing IT landscape, and help define the minimum viable product and subsequent phases along with delivering the solution architecture, user stories, and low-level design.

Persistent Systems is an APN Advanced Consulting Partner and has achieved AWS Data & Analytics and IOT Competencies.

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Faster Go-to-Market

Enables credit unions to quickly launch their first digital product, typically within a few months. Subsequent products and services can be launched in similar time frames.

Accelerated Revenue Recognition

Credit unions can start getting business as soon as they are on the platform. The services are charged using pay-as-you-go model reducing barrier to entry.

Increased Throughput – Process More Loans

Hosting on AWS provides the ability to process larger number of loans, increasing throughput and generating more revenue.

Solution Highlights

Persistent Systems delivers a Digital Credit Union Solution™ offering with prebuilt third-party service integrations. Credit unions simply need to onboard and Persistent Systems will take care of any license needs and any non-standard integrations.

  • Quickly launch a digital banking product, typically within a few months. Subsequent products and services can be launched in similar time frames.
  • The services are avaliable using pay-as-you-go model reducing barrier to entry.
  • Add additional marketing strength and futher your reach by participating in Community Lenders ‘Go Digital’ initiative with Gojoko, an independent internet-based marketing company.
  • Leverage pre-built integrations for core banking services, customer onbording services (KYC and ID verification), domestic and international payment services, and debit card services.
  • Ensure dynamic scalability, fail-over, and availability of the platform built using microservices architecture.
  • Stay fexible and partner agnostic by utilizing your own partner(s) instead of the platform standard integrated partner(s), as the platform offers loosely-coupled API based implementation.

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Gojoko - Building the Credit Union Market in the UK
Rigado Solution Diagram Workflow

Case Study: UK based Credit Union


Credit Unions in UK are struggling to keep pace with the onslaught of financial products and services offered by banks and Fintechs. A number of credit unions have gone out of business since 2011.


Persistent Systems developed a digital lending and digital deposits solution leveraging the Digital Credit Union Solution™ (PDCUS) offering. The platform developed is completely API-centric and hosted on AWS infrastructure.


One of the credit unions which leveraged the platform which was delivered as part of the offering, reached the coveted group of Top Ten Credit Unions of the UK.

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