Slalom App Rationalization Offering on AWS

Intelligently select and move your applications to AWS

Slalom App Rationalization offering helps Financial Services customers move to the cloud by assessing, migrating, and transforming application portfolios. This offering starts with identifying key business drivers, devising a tailored migration plan, performing application portfolio rationalization, and an implementation plan that aligns with the business needs.

Slalom is an APN Premier Consulting Partner and an AWS Financial Services Competency holder.

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    Offerings Highlights: 

    • Assess and evaluate the application portfolio
    • Score, categorize and prioritize applications
    • Create migration backlog and transition plan
    • Align migration to key business outcomes
    • Improve application security and compliance posture

    Key Features:

    • System, database and application assessment
    • Application scoring model and dependency mapping
    • Migration backlog and spring execution plan
    This offering was developed in collaboration with Slalom Consulting, an APN Premier Consulting Partner and AWS Financial Services Competency Partner.
  • Work with an APN Partner
  • Work with the APN Partner

    Slalom partners with organizations to help them address the challenges of the highly competitive and rapidly changing financial services industry. Enabling downstream application teams with the critical infrastructure they need, while ensuring compliance and security needs are met, empowers teams with the agility, scale and self-service required to increase speed to market and foster innovation.  


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