Slalom DevSecOps Offering on AWS

Deliver secure, compliant, and agile orchestration with enterprise-grade Infrastructure-as-Code

Adopt leading automation tools and methodologies on a reliable, scalable, and secure cloud infrastructure to foster innovation, reduce time-to-market, and realize cost savings. Automate provisioning and configuration with leading DevOps solutions, and leverage Slalom’s innovative orchestration pipeline to create new AWS accounts with automated compliance and security requirements built in.

Slalom is an APN Premier Consulting Partner and an AWS Financial Services Competency partner.

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    Offerings Highlights

    • Enable teams with increased agility and self-service
    • Bring products and solutions to market faster
    • Innovate faster with reliable and secure infrastructure 
    • Meet regulatory compliance and security needs
    • Leverage automatically built-in audit capabilities

    Key Features

    • Infrastructure-as-code (IaC) pipelines for automatic configuration
    • Leading orchestration tools for streamlined and secure process
    • Integrated compliance-as-code to meet security requirements
    • Multi-account strategy deliver speed, scale, and agility to teams
  • Work with an APN Partner
  • Work with the APN Partner

    Slalom partners with organizations to help them address the challenges of the highly competitive and rapidly changing financial services industry. Enabling downstream application teams with the critical infrastructure they need, while ensuring compliance and security needs are met, empowers teams with the agility, scale and self-service required to increase speed to market and foster innovation.  



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