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From Airbnb to Zocdoc, the world's top startups build on AWS. But they didn't do it alone. So whether you're looking for help solving a technical challenge, hiring the right engineers, or finalizing a fundraising round, we have all the resources you need to get started. There’s a reason more startups build on AWS than any other provider: we're here to help you succeed, from inception to IPO.

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Getting Started with AWS

Find the right tools, documentation, and resources to get started and grow your business.

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Where to Begin

Explore how to build a basic mobile app, a single-page app, or a public-facing API.

Building Infrastructure

Learn how to choose a database, deploy serverless, set up an API backend, choose a CDN, and more.

Optimize Costs

Eliminate unnecessary spending, and preserve resources with budgeting tools.

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AWS Startup Programs

Learn which startup-exclusive programs will help you get to the next stage of growth.

AWS Activate

Get free credits, business support, and technical expertise with the Activate Founders program.

AWS Startup Resources

Access startup webinars, blog posts, technical deep dives, and presentations, all in one place.

I Want to Dive Deeper by AWS Solution

ML for Startups

Implement machine learning (ML) quickly, easily, and at scale with AWS Machine Learning services.

Serverless for Startups

From pre-seed to pre-IPO funding, a serverless architecture empowers you to scale faster.

Containers for Startups

Explore why 80% of all containers in the cloud run on AWS and what they can do for your startup.

Cost optimization resources for startups

Extend your startup’s runway with helpful budget tools, eliminate unnecessary spending, and preserve resources in a changing environment.

Initially, the appeal of AWS was the ease of managing and customizing the stack. It was great to be able to ramp up more servers without having to contact anyone and without having minimum usage commitments. As our company continued to grow, so did our reliance on the AWS Cloud and now, we've adopted almost all of the features AWS provides. AWS is the easy answer for any Internet business that wants to scale to the next level.

- Nathan Blecharczyk, Co-founder & CTO, Airbnb, Inc. 

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